Plugin [filament-laravel-log] is not registered for panel [app].

So, I've installed a plugin for viewing laravel logs ( and after installing it, and adding the plugin to the ->plugins() method of my AdminPanelProvider, loading my admin panel, I get the error that the plugin is not registered for the panel app. If I add it to the ->plugins() method of my AppPanelProvider, I'm able to load the view in my App panel (I don't want to be able to do this) howevre, in the Admin panel, the error changes to Route [filament.admin.pages.logs] not defined. Does anyone know how I can get this plugin to only show in my Admin panel? I've had a look through the GitHub, and doesn't appear that anyone else has had this issue, and it feels more like something to do with Filament loading the plugin, rather than the plugin itself.
Laravel Log by Saade - Filament
Read Laravel logs from the Filament admin panel.
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Tieme4mo ago
Please ask in #saade-laravel-log for support from the developer,