C#2mo ago

Question to software development interviewers, is it ok to keep portfolio on localhost over prod?

Spent a week migrating my websites to the cloud, frontend uploaded to Netlify. Currently delving into deploying Docker containers on GCloud via Google Artifacts and GCloud Run service. Previous experience includes setting up an Azure pipeline for microservice deployment. Recognizing the growing demand for CI/CD skills, I'm honing mine through practice deployments. However, I question the value of deploying my portfolio apps to production over localhost.
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Denis2mo ago
Many recruiters will glance over your projects, and say "cool". During the interview you might have space to bring up your project and talk more about how it provided you with experience in this or that. But don't count on it. Having this portfolio is great, don't be discouraged by this answer. It's a puzzle piece that builds a better overall picture about you. But they won't be looking at each piece individually, unless it's something very specific they're looking for I recruit a bit differently, I'm nitpicky and love seeing projects
rishi2mo ago
Thank you for your feedback Denis. Much appreciated. I get your point regarding portfolio only being a puzzle piece of the candidate. Additionally, I am building new portfolio projects tailored to the jobs which I apply to, for some credibility points.