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C# with Neovim

Hey! I'm trying to set up neovim with C# on WSL. Using latest 9.5 nvim. I managed to get OmniSharp (the LSP) working, and MOST of it works, but when I try to go to definiton or find a reference, I get this error. What's interesting, when I run go to definition on a method, it works. Any idea what's going on? How to even debug this thing? Sorry I'm new to nvim 😓 For context: using lazy.nvim, fresh kickstart.nvim with only omnisharp added
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jcotton422mo ago
I think @WhiteBlackGoose does nvim + C# They might know
WhiteBlackGoose2mo ago
Oof Nvim moment Probably version mismatch, but not much you can do about it if you're already on the latest stuff you can try a fresh config with telescope + nvim-config installed and see if you repro the error
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