Hydration Mismatch Error Every Time I Update a Component

I am rewriting an OAuth2 service for one of my apps in SolidStart. I keep getting this error every time I update a component when running it in Dev mode (see image). Event restarting the server throws this error. The only way I can fix it is to delete node_modules, reinstall dependencies, and then restart the server, which gets rather annoying. Any way to fix this? SolidStart v1.0.0-rc.0 Solid Router v0.13.2 SolidJS v1.8.16 Node v20.12.1 PNPM v8.15.7
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bigmistqke2mo ago
Too little information to fix it I am afraid. Something is causing a hydration mismatch: what the client receives is different from what the server send. Can you narrow the issue down w a minimal reproduction?
Je Suis Un Ami
Je Suis Un Ami2mo ago
Hmm. Well, I think I fixed it by downgrading to Node v18… Might just be some quirk with Node v20….