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Quartz.Net - 100+ Jobs - Ownership

Hi, We currently have a Scheduler service that uses Quartz.Net to send out messages onto the MessageBus when required. However, this is getting to the point where we have 100+ jobs, each time we require a new job it's a case of: 1. Create a Contract Class (used on both sender and receiver) as a Nuget Package 2. Download latest Scheduler Service repo 3. Import the Contract Class (from step 1) 4. Add details of your new job 5. Deploy service which adds the records to the Quartz Triggers DB We use the scheduler service as a source of truth and so that have can have many receivers, but only 1 can pick up the message at any given time. Just looking for advise/suggestions as there must surely there must be a cleaner solution for this ? Thanks, ER
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