Filament3mo ago

How to override layout to make a real custom theme ?

Hi, I try to override list-records or layout panel based in this directory : '''vendor\filament\filament\resources\views\components\layout''' I'm integrating a tailwind theme and I would like to custom rather than use only Table and Forms packages as standalone. Any idea if it's possible ?
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LeandroFerreira3mo ago
You can? Yes, but we don't recommend this https://filamentphp.com/docs/3.x/support/style-customization#applying-styles-to-hook-classes You may be tempted to publish the internal Blade views to your application so that you can customize them. We don't recommend this, as it will introduce breaking changes into your application in future updates. Please use the CSS hook classes wherever possible. They can be created in your app here: resources/views/vendor/filament-panels/components/layout/base.blade.php resources/views/vendor/filament-panels/resources/pages/list-records.php If you do decide to publish the Blade views, please lock all Filament packages to a specific version in your composer.json file, and then update Filament manually by bumping this number, testing your entire application after each update. This will help you identify breaking changes safely.
Chla2mo ago
Thanks again Leandro I know it's not the best solution. I will try to custom the theme with an other way.