Is Mojo support Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Pytorch library yet?

Why it's important in Mojo: * Wider Functionality: Scikit-learn provides a rich set of classical machine learning algorithms, TensorFlow and PyTorch excel in deep learning. Supporting these libraries expands the range of problems Mojo can tackle. * Code Reuse: Many developers are already familiar with these libraries. Mojo integration allows them to leverage existing code and expertise. * Vibrant Ecosystem: These libraries have large communities and extensive documentation. Integration opens doors to this wealth of resources for Mojo users. Are these libraries still under development, or are there any similar libraries already available?
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benny2mo ago
Mojo allows you to import any Python package directly and use it, so if that is what you are looking for then it does fully support all libraries listed
benny2mo ago
That being said, if you want a native Mojo solution, is probably what you are looking for
GitHub - basalt-org/basalt: A Machine Learning framework from scrat...
A Machine Learning framework from scratch in Pure Mojo 🔥 - basalt-org/basalt
! ! NOBIR2mo ago
Thank you so much for your information. 2nd one is correct I was looking for native mojo solution rather than using existing python library. Although they are really good.