Looking for suggestions on ability to save an "in progress" form

Sort of two parts to this, perhaps. Have some large survey forms that people might have to come back to. Being able to save an 'in progress' form then later 'submit' for further processing is important. I'd come up with some proof of concept with a hidden field and having the validation rules be closures that checked that, but... it's a bit of a hack. Might there be a way to disable validation for the whole form under some circumstances? Or... ignore validation exceptions? Or something more clever? Separately, haven't seen much on this - is there any accepted practice on 'save on blur' approach vs explicit save button? I'm more partial to the save button approach overall, but have a project which is wanting to have auto-save stuff happen while fields are being filled out (which would also necessitate bypassing whole-form validation during that saving). Any info is appreciated. If this isn't the right channel... apologies!
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