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✅ Anybody using PostSharp/Metalama?

Before source generators and MVVM toolkit were around, I was looking for ways to simplify my mvvm development. I came across PostSharp. It was ok to a degree, but the pricing was insane. Now we have source generators. Aaand, so do they - metalama. Is anybody using their products? Do you see any benefits? I didn't see a huge advantage then, and I definitely don't see any point in their products now. Especially given the price.
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Denis3mo ago
Metalama: A Framework for Clean & Concise Code in C#
A modern, Roslyn-based meta-programming framework to improve your code quality and productivity in C#: deliver clean code, with zero boilerplate, strictly adhering to architecture.
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Denis3mo ago
Can't argue with the fact that this is total crap, but was wondering whether anybody was seriously using it