Confidential Computing Support

Hi! I'm looking to do experiments with the H100 and Confidential Computing (CC). I saw on a talk from NVDIA GTC that in order for the H100 to support CC it needs to be running alongside an CPU with support for Virtualized-based TEE ("Confidential VM") some supported CPUs are AMD Milan, or later and Intel SPR and later. Are your H100 running with CPUs that support Confidential VM? Are they in environment suited for Confidential Computing?
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nerdylive2mo ago
@Papa Madiator @haris
haris2mo ago
I'm unsure about this, @kevinkons would you be able to contact our support team on our website or send an email in?
Madiator20112mo ago
you know docker containers are kinda vCPU rather than raw cpu
kevinkons2mo ago
@haris Sure! @Papa Madiator Yeah, but for the CC mode to be activated the actual CPU needs to support TEE, in this way data shared between the physical CPU and the GPU are encrypted, which allows for CC @haris @Papa Madiator Hey Guys! I created a pod using a H100 and tried to do some tests with Confidential Computing but it turns out CC in fact disabled, is it possible to turn it on? Its absolutly necessary for me to have CC on. Here is a documentation on how to turn CC on: