C#2mo ago

Microsoft Graph without Azure admin

I want to programatically create word docs and folders for each page/section of a one note notebook respectively. I did a bit of googling and figured MS Graph is the best tool to accomplish this, but the tutorials I saw require registering an app in Azure AD and Azure admin permissions, which I don't have. I have access to the one note in question, but I'm not necessarily an admin in my organization. Is there a way to access the Graph API to get resources that are available to me or to a specific user and to then authenticate with that user's credentials?
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if you want it to be executed programmatically you need an app authentication/authorization you can set the flow to ask for credentials and operate as a user, but it wouldn't really be... automatic with that said, you should still be able to verify in graph explorer that you can access the /me part of the resources
yonog12mo ago
the thing is that the notebook isnt one that i created, its shared with me and it may be part of a sharepoint (not sure, theres a link in a sharepoint site to the notebook) and idk what parameter to specify instead of {me}