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hey im working with a web worker and it seems to be huge in dev but much smaller in the prod build. Is there a sprint I can make/run to bundle the worker so i can use that version in dev also as it takes a long time for it to mount in dev?
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isibbot2w ago
@liam47. No expert in plasmo but usually the build tooling just bundles extra debug info like source maps etc that allow you to debug whilst developing. You can tell plasmo to not compile the source maps like so plasmo dev --no-source-maps or add it to the npm scripts for convienence dev:lite: "plasmo dev --no-source-maps" etc. BUT I would say that this is probably not the problem. The bundle size of the plasmo extension isnt really going to slow the perceived load of the extension that much (caveated that I have no knowledge of your code and what your importing etc)