configure gremlin-server to use remote Neptune server?

Hello, I’m wondering if it is possible to configure gremlin server to use the graph at remote Neptune instance so user can use my own authentication and not having to worry about AWS authentication methods? Many thanks!
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triggan5w ago
Neptune doesn't expose the underlying graph object. Are you having issues with using IAM?
vuon cham chi
vuon cham chi5w ago
I can connect directly to Neptune okay. However i would like to build an endpoint for users to use gremlin client of their choice (python, java…) to connect to it without giving out IAM info. It probably simpler to build handler that accepts request then forward that request to Neptune via the neptune gremlin client. I hope i could reuse the WsAndHttpChannelizerHandler from the server in a spring-boot setup. It seems spring-boot abstracts away all the netty websocket stuff. Hopefully not too painful. Any suggestions?