Struggling with subqueries

I want to basically do this query in drizzle: SELECT,, t.currency FROM "Operations" o LEFT JOIN "Transactions" t ON o."id" = t."operationId" WHERE IN ( SELECT DISTINCT t."operationId" FROM "Transactions" t WHERE t.currency = 'usd' ORDER BY t."operationId" DESC LIMIT 8 ); Im using postgres-js and the problem is how to select those operations from the subquery. This query is just a mock, but the reason to do the subquery is that I have to put conditions on both the operations and the transactions table, and if i just make a join of these queries and put the conditions, i will get the last 8 transactions for example, when what I really want is the last 8 operations and all their related transactions (meaning possibly more than 8 rows), even the ones whose currency isn't 'usd' for example. Doing raw sql it works as intended but I hoped to get it working with drizzle Suggestions? Thanks in advance
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Sillvva2mo ago
The second example here is what you're looking for
Drizzle ORM - Filters
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Cobain5w ago
thanks for the help!