Plugin Date Range Picker Problem I want to use daterangepicker for my period covered. If anyone tried to use this, what is the correct data type or any fix needed in my period covered. tried: String, date, datetime, timestamp and long text. all did not work. Hopefully anyone can help me especially @PovilasKorop my favorite Youtuber.
Date Range Filter and Picker by Majid M. Al Zariey - Filament
This package uses the daterangepicker library to filter a date within a range.
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dwiser5w ago
You're storing a string of two dates into a column that is only accepting one date. You either need to store "04/01/2024 - 04/30/2024" in a string column or separate into a 'period_start' and 'period_end' columns.
johnllobrera4w ago
this is my last resort. Thank you. this solve the problem