Filament2mo ago

Shield resource discover

Dear all, i change my filament to another DB, and after this Shield, don discover resources -- generate all, create permission but in the shield UI dont see anything, only roles ..., any idea where can be problem ?
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Sydd2mo ago
Sory, problem was solved, that I set the FilamentShieldPlugin to the diferent panel, (on this panel) i want only spatie heatlh, roles permisions etc. co in this reason i remove ->discoverResources(in: app_path('Filament/Resources'), for: 'App\Filament\Resources') from panel. Is any way to don't display for example "PostResource" on the AdminPanel ? public static function canViewAny(): bool { $url = request()->url(); if (strpos($url, '/admin') !== false) { return false; } return true; } this how try to solving, another better sollution ? is possible to get actual panel id ?