Filamentβ€’3mo ago

get form processing state

Hi πŸ‘‹ I have an action modal that loads for a few seconds. I just need to get the current form's processing status, just like inertia.js, to disable any further button clicks and potentially more. I've been skimming through the documentation but haven't found anything related to this. Is there am I missing? Or is there any tricks or hacks to do this?
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Dan Harrin
Dan Harrinβ€’3mo ago
hey, that should be the default behaviour for buttons that are processing anyway, is that not the case? is it the submit button?
joowdxβ€’3mo ago
Hello, Dan! I have a form that behaves unexpectedly upon fast multiple succeeding submissions. I'm still figuring out why though I'm pretty sure this is just me poorly writing it. Thanks for clarifying to me the default behaviour of the buttons. However I'd still need the hooks/injection for the form processing state. I have an action modal that generates a report which takes a few seconds... I want to dynamically enable the "closedByClickingAway" behaviour as the report is being generated. Reason being when the modal is closed, the user interface is unresponsive, no anything. Users being in the modal view at least shows the loading button.