Filament3mo ago

RelationManager problem with duplicate relationship

I have a N-M relation with RelationManager: companies and items and pivot table company_item. Pivot table has a boolean obsolete field. The problem is that I have a ToggleColumn on this obsolete field but when a company has two same items (same item_id but different pivot_id, the toggle will work on first ocurrence because is taking item_id and should take pivot_id for this. Instead of taking pivot_id (2809 and 5895) is taking the item_id.
Ok, I solved with allowDuplicates(): return $table ->allowDuplicates();...
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Rome3mo ago
I tried changing relation manager model to pivot model and works well, but when i want to attach or detach it crashes. I found when I toggle, it executes a query with a select ... where items.id = '4' limit 1 so if there are duplicate items on same company it always returns first ocurrence.
Rome3mo ago
Ok, I solved with allowDuplicates(): return $table ->allowDuplicates();
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