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Cannot read properties of null (reading 'nextSibling') ERROR in a hello world simple Solidstart web

i just added a route called docs to a brand new project in routes folder docs.mdx and inside it a text message hello world and when i enter the route it gives me this error Cannot read properties of null (reading 'nextSibling') ../../../solid-js/web/dist/dev.js createRenderEffect(() => (current = insertExpression(parent, array, current, marker, true))); return () => current; } if (hydrating) { if (!array.length) return current; if (marker === undefined) return [...parent.childNodes]; let node = array[0]; let nodes = [node]; while ((node = node.nextSibling) !== marker) nodes.push(node); return (current = nodes); } if (array.length === 0) { current = cleanChildren(parent, current, marker); if (multi) return current; } else if (currentArray) { if (current.length === 0) { appendNodes(parent, array, marker);
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Saaa2mo ago
it works only if i slap in the bottom of the page <div> </div>