SolidJS2mo ago

Modify dev server port

I am working remotely and I keep getting this error during development: can’t establish a connection to the server at ws://localhost:35999/_build/. Can I somehow fix the port so I can forward it correctly?
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peerreynders2mo ago
I'd start looking here. No guarantees though ...
Server Options
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Birk Skyum
Birk Skyum2mo ago
you can fix the dev server port with "dev": "vinxi dev --port 10000" the vite server options are largely ignored because of vinxi
belst2mo ago
ah nice thanks wait, does this set the ws hmr port? because I already forward 3000 guess it's vitejs config yeah, it's setting vite.server.hmr.port in app.config.ts I do get WebSocket server error: Port is already in use (x2) tho when I set it no more errors in the client console but hmr doesnt seem to work :thinkPepeMath: