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Looking for advice - Rendering template files

Hi, I'm wondering what would be the best approach to handle rendering a whole bunch of template files. Having 1 folder containing many templates. Loading an env file for example and substitute all placeholders in these files to a location on fs. I used to do something alike using jinja2 and ansible but I don't want to use ansible or python. I'd just like to know if there is a smart way to do that using taskfile. Maybe leveraging go's sprig templating or the basic variable substitution with {{.EXAMPLE}} syntax , I'm not sure how to achieve that for many files. Hopefully my question is clear enough. I could provide an example maybe to make it clearer. Thanks for your help !
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andreynering2mo ago
Hi, To me, it looks as something that should be an external tool or script, and that you would use Task as just an entrypoint.
Adlnc2mo ago
alright, just wanted to make sure. Thanks