too many clients already, remaining slots reserved for superuser

I have a production deployment where I'm facing this issue. I ran SELECT count(*) FROM pg_stat_activity and noticed that there are indeed 100 connections which is the max. However, I noticed most of them are idle. Temporarily I've increased the max_connections to 500. I have couple of questions to which I'm not getting straightforward answers: 1. Why are there so many idle connections? I understand if there are many active connections. But why idle? 2. If there are that many idle connections, shouldn't the connection pool of postgres.js kick in as it says here ( that the previous open connection will be used? So my understanding is that the idle connections will be made active with the new queries. Why isn't that happening? 3. Will I have to manually set the idle_timeout and max_lifetime values to lower and optimal values for my use case to get rid of idle connections? 4. Along with the increasing max_connections, should I increase anything else? Do I need something like pg_bouncer and how would that help?
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