Tabs on Customer Page Throwing Tabs::getBadge does not exist.

Hi, I've been trying to find a solution all morning for this and cant locate anyone having same issue I have. When rendering the tabs onto the page I get the following message Method Filament\Forms\Components\Tabs::getBadge does not exist. error is throwing on this line <x-filament-panels::resources.tabs /> My code does not even use badges and yet it still shows error. <x-filament::card class="mt-8"> <x-filament-panels::resources.tabs /> {{ $this->table }} </x-filament::card> protected function getTabs(): array { $locations = Location::where('status', 'enabled')->get(); $tabs = []; foreach ($locations as $location) { $tabs[$location->id] = Tab::make($location->name) ->icon('heroicon-o-location-marker'); //->badge(fn () => Campaign::where('location_id', $location->id)->count()); } return [ Tabs::make('Locations')->tabs($tabs), ]; } Sorry this is my first post, if i get formatting wrong i applogies.
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