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How do I run the script as it does not save to my variable?

Hi, I am trying to make the bot read the computer time and say greetings like good morning according to time. May I know how can I make it works? Thanks!
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HTTP Requests do not store in Transcipt

Hi, I am trying to get the transcript of the whole conversation, but it seems not to store the data I got from HTTP request. May I know how do I get it to appear?...
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How do I import libraries inside the script block?

How do I import libraries inside the script block? I need to use some libraries, but I'm having trouble importing them.

Header panel

Any suggestions to add a header panel like we see on other providers? If we could do using the existing framework it will be cool. Anyone done anything like this? Sharing an example of crisp....
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I can make a bot and integrate it with telegram?

I use telegram bots very actively, and would like to speed up their development with a typebot

I'm trying to make a request from the script block, how does it work?

I need to use a request to access my data and make comparisons within the bot for business rules, how can I use this tool?

Can the script be added to the footer?

I had a friend install a chatbot I made for them on their website using the Webflow instructions (add to an embed component on a page). Doing it this way, the bot was only visible on the main page. Would they need to add the embed element on every page they want the bot to show? Is there an option to add the bot script to the footer so that it shows on every page?

What's WhatsApp Integration

Hey everyone, Sorry for the dumb question. I am new and not good with tech. I’ve been experimenting with WhatsApp integration and have set up basic automated responses based on a flow chart template. However, I might not fully understand what the integration does(is it basically a autochatbot for your business WhatsApp?), and I have a few questions, especially about live chat capabilities and data management....

message does not send

I'm creating a typebot using an Instagram template, but when trying to send the response it doesn't work... The link: https://form.alvaromachado.com.br/tema-instagram-c35gd27...
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API Stats Call Question

I get the results of the stats Json values read: { "totalViews": 55, "totalStarts": 34,...

User entered Text input, set Variable, place 1st in Text bubble creates line break after variable

I noticed if I start a Text bubble with a variable set by a user entered Text input, that a line break is added after the variable when running/testing the flow. If I add text or a space in front of the variable, a line break is no longer added. It does not happen if the variable is set with a URL parameter.

Video Bubble - Instagram Reel support?

Are there any plans to add video support for Instagram Reels in the video bubble? For example, this video doesn't play: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8DCETLNl_6/...

HTTP Request custom body not working.

I added a HTTP Request integration to my flow, defined the URL where the POST should be sent, and then defined the JSON for the variables I want in the custom body. On the receiving side of the POST, the body is empty. I tried the manual variable population for test and still remained empty. Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks for your help.
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Opening hours

I need help creating opening hours for my flow to run correctly, like Mon to Fri from 8am to 9pm to Sat 8am to 1pm and closed on Sundays! However, during opening hours you have to direct one way and close the other.

Is it possible to create new INPUT block?

I want to render custom input block in chat

Is it possible to get all the variables to send in an HTTP Request?

I noticed that in the send email option, if I don't customize it, it generates a standard HTML containing all the variables specified in the flow. My question is whether it is possible for me to retrieve this "HTML" to call an API. I wanted to use this to generate a ticket on Odoo, I generate tickets in several places. This would help a lot, as I wouldn't need to keep reconfiguring the http request....

Youtube video URL parameters get removed in video block

I can't use Youtube videos with a timestamp because the url parameters get removed in the video block. For example, the following video with timestamp gets converted from this: https://youtu.be/jp3ggg_42-M?si=odSPjCb4SbCydIDZ&t=91 to this:...

Variable in theme. What's wrong ?

hi everyone Several hours spent trying to understand why it doesn't work! Following the menus, I want to change the look of a différent button (the last one in fact). {{cssrevenir}} is, for example, the string choice2. When I write manually, it works (aka > [data-itemid="choice2"])...

Unable to create a Typebot account with email

I'm trying to sign up with a company email but unable to. - I put in my email into the sign up email field. - I receive a magic link in my inbox. - I click the link and it takes me to the same sign up field as before, and I have to provide the email again, and it simply loops....