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Typebot Viewer not inputting messages

Hello everyone, I'm with an issue in my Typebot instalation. Would like to check if anyone had any similar issue and found a solution. Information: Typebot selfhosted through Easypanel Typebot version 2.25.2...
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help with icon

i guys, I'm new and I want to see if you can help me. I found a WhatsApp chat template, I really liked it and I started using it, and I just put it on my website created with Wospress, I put it with a plugin. So far so good but I see that the icon that appears from the chat is not like the WhatsApp one, it is similar but it is not. ...
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ChatGPT replies Load Failed

{ "message": "Load failed" }...

error http request post body

Hey guys, I have an API open today and in your connectivity test the required method is post, header is application/xml in the body field when I send the test xml it returns an error... can anyone help? link api testing: https://services-hotels.focomultimidia.com/v1/service/ota/OTA_PingRQ METHOD: POST BODY: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>...

Typebot Handling Voice Message From Whatsapp

hello! i am building an AI agent in typebot. if i just wanted it to handle text messages, it would be very simple (just a collect text input from user, send it to an openai assistant and then send the response). but i need to build a whole other system behind the scenes to enable it to handle voice messages from the user and even images. i would do this through n8n sending the info from typebot and then if its an audio i would send it to chatgpt whisper to transcribe it and send it over to the original openai assistant and if it is an image i would send it to a chatgpt to analyze the image and also send it over to the original openai assistant. (the simple logic is this) but the problem is, the voice messages and images, when coming from a text user input, typebot saves it as urls. these urls are files with the format .enc (i had never even seen this before.) apparently it is also hard to convert it to other file formats (i would need to convert it to mp3 and jpeg, for example). ...

Go back to questions

If a participant is filling out the survey is there an option to go back to a previous question if they want to? Let’s assume they made a mistake and they want to go back is there a way? Like in other survey tools

Error while updating typebot

Found newer version of the typebot in database Unexpected token 'B', "Bad Gateway" is not valid JSON I kept getting these 2 different messages above, any way to rectify this @Baptiste?...

How to create a bubbles.

How to create a bubbles, Reply to files,Excel for example.

How to create a bubbles?

How to create a bubbles, Reply to Excel.

Restart the chatbot conversation in whatsapp

How to trigger restart the chatbot conversation like how we have it in test view. Once affter chat session ends, can we restart the session, so that user can initate the flow from afresh #restart #restart whatsapp...
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typebot down

Hello everyone, I know that there are problems with typebot domain but also all my bot with custom domain are down . No one has same problem?...

Dify block not working in whtasapp, and cannot choice bots agents or chatflows.

Hi , coming from version 2.24.1 to 2.26.1 and the dify block not connect in whatsapp. Inside typebot web preview is working well. Someone Help? Thanks...

Any Way to Generate a Chart?

I would like to ask the user for a bunch of info (data) and then output chart for them at the end. Any way to do this, via an integration maybe?

Jump to block with sdk

Can I use JavaScript to jump to a specific block of an embedded Typebot from the main website?

Flow built in Brazil does not work in the USA

Hello, My flow is working normally here in Brazil. However, for users in the United States it does not work. Do you know what it could be?...

Self-hosted pricing?

Hey everyone! I am running Typebot in kubernetes and everything is working just fine. I am authenticating via Google. However, I am not being able to add more members to the workspace and have only 200 chats. Where do I find the pricing for self-hosted licenses? Is it the same price as the cloud plan? I could only find this page but I am unsure if this is for self-hosted? https://typebot.io/pricing The documentation says self-hosted does not have any fee so I am confused. Can someone help me clarifying?...
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I need to shuffle the order of a block of multiple choice buttons. I trying this:

Block to setVariable Block with shuffle script Block to show the options. `...
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Is typebot data on AWS encrypted?

I mean, in the cloud version. And if so, can you provide any more technical details (client question). Is data sent from the bubble bot to AWS encrypted? Thanks!...

External Login Integration

Is it possible to log in externally via link or via api using the token and account id?