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I'm not able to use my variable in my HTTP, I want to use it as {{instance}}, and change the value according to my needs, Would you help me ?

Edit answers

Is there an option so that users could change their answers? One GitHub Post said it was possible if users click on their bubble, but I don’t see that working.

Cant mount the chatbot (initBubble) after unmounting

As the title says, i cant mount the chatbot as an initBubble from a custom script after the bot has been unmounted. The code basically listens to a button click, and if the user has a localStorage key, it should close the current bot, unmount it, and open another different chatbot, i'll leave the code so you can see what im talking about ``` let chatBotUserName; let chatBotUserMail; document.querySelector('.triggerBot').addEventListener('click', (e) => { ...

Mysql node

Is is possible use a node to get records from a Mysql database?

Email + QRCode + Attached Files

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well! I have a flow that will automatically generate a QR-Code based on some information that I need to send by email (attachment). So far, everything is working. In the perfect world, I wanted the person to be able to choose between 3 image options, and the QR-Code was already being generated within this image in a specific position, I even managed to do this with GPT, but I couldn't integrate it with Typebot and automate it that. For now, I have inserted an option for the person to select one of the 3 images they will use, and I would like to send it together in the same email as the QRCode. In the Email integration, there is an option to Attach files (I understand that it can be more than 1), but I was unable to select the variables (more than one) to include the files....
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Optional input

Hello everyone, is there a way for me to make an input optional? For example, for the person filling it out to leave the input blank and confirm?

How to change the default placeholder when collecting values?

Right now when the placeholder attribute is empty, a default placeholder is set in English. My user base is French and my typebot has a lot of steps, how can I change the default placeholder value without having to set a default value on every single input? Thanks...

Alibaba Store Storage for self hosted

Hi, I wan to add OSS from alibaba for self hosted but have error. So who can help me?

How to wait between requests?

Is is possible to wait between requests? As described in the docs, since all blocks are computed on the server one after the other, then I can't actually do that I guess? Thanks!...

Trying to embed Typebot react component in Appsmith.

Hi, I'm trying to embed a chatbot in an Appsmith app as a custom component. This is the code I'm using:
import React from 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/react@18.2.0/+esm'...

My flows are not running

Guys, I speak Portuguese, as I'm from Brazil, but I'm sending the translated text because I know that the community deals better with English! My problem is that I put it in my flow so it could read the information sent by evolution-api related to the messageType and from then on my flow stopped and all other flows are no longer responding either. I've already updated the portainer and it doesn't work again. Can anyone help me with what I should do?...

google adds sending "infected domain" due to typbot

Hello, The website of my client is flagged as dangerous by Google because of the typbot chat. He tried to send a google ad to his website but Google refused with the message " website infected". Can you please let me know if there is a woraround? When I try to go on typbot app I also get a message that the website is suspect. Thanks in advance for you help and support...

PRO version

Good morning! Is it possible to have a trial period for the PRO version?


Good afternoon, we are facing the error below, what could be causing it?
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Google Sheets Block is disabled

I added a Google Sheets block in my flow, but it looks disabled, and it's not possible to click on it to select an account. I have added this block and successfully integrated with a sheet on other flows, but in this one I'm facing this issue. Am I doing something wrong?...
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Phone number ID

Hello! Can anyone tell me how to solve this error? I've already done all the steps correctly, but it still persists.
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delayed sending mail

Is there a way to manage the sending emails? I'd like to can take all data by bot flow and to establish a date and hour on that my bubble mail will take in action....

Get data from a text

Hello everything is fine ? I have a question, I made a code, where it sends me all the customer data in the flow, example: id":9051,"name":"teste ","number":"999999999","email":" ","","pushname":"test". However, I'm trying to make a script to take this data and put it in variables, but I'm not succeeding, can someone more experienced help?...
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