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Can't send notifications

I deleted all of my computers from the original HASS.Agent integration and restarted HA. The integration was gone and MQTT found all of my computers. I then installed the forked version via HACS custom repository. I then hit the configure button for all of my computers. However if I try to send notifications the notify service has not been configured automatically. HA can't find service notify.PC_NAME. When I look at MQTT Explorer under hass.agent I see them under devices and media_player but nothing about notifications. I have the most current version of HASS_Agent on my pc and the notifications test is working. Any suggestions on how to get this working are greatly appreciated....

Jatoxo - Integration device name mismatch

Then you need to use something like mqttexplorer to go into the hass.agent topic and clear the old data

How to limit notification

I have setup a notification on my doorbell camera with frigate that sends notification whenever there's someone near the front door. The notification is working great with the option to open the camera live feed, but it just keeps on spamming me with notifications until the person is not detected anymore. Any tips or suggestion would be awesome!
Yep, just checked: Make sure automation is set to single Add a time delay of 5 mins or so in the steps...
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How do I send a notification

I cant figure out how to send a notification to my pc

Mute Status of Input Device

I don't seem to be able to get the muted status of my device from HASS.Agent. I'm on Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 and running HASS.Agent 2.0.1. There are many entries in "AudioSessions" and there is an entry for Teams that does report changes in PeakVolume, just not muted, nor does the default_input_device_muted show anything. I've tried with both the CTRL+SHIFT+M and WIN+ALT+K to mute the mic. The default audio input device shown in HASS.Agent is the same as is used in MSTeams and is the default...

HASS.Agent closes when switching monitor profiles

I have a 2 monitor profiles configured through Display Fusion, hotkeys configured to choose between them, and HASS.Agent broadcasting them to Home Assistant - When I switch profiles, HASS.Agent seems to close itself, cutting off my profile switching options in Home Assistant. I believe a prompt mentioned something about scaling. Any thoughts on how to resolve this and keep HASS.Agent running when switching between monitor profiles? Thanks!...
Updating to the beta seems to have resolved this issue

Get discord mute status

Hi, does someone know of a way to get the current mute status of discord. I'd like to colour a light based on mute status but it seems quite hard to get info out of discord locally. Thanks!...
For anyone finding this thread: Discord does not work nicely with windows mic status. There is at the moment no easy way of getting the mic status unless you use something through discord's own API. As this is nothing to do with Hass.Agent its not possible at the moment....

Logger: homeassistant.util.logging

I am getting this error. Exception in updated when handling msg on 'hass.agent/devices/MIKES-PC': '{"serial_number":"776872ee-5f6c-4070-8cd1-d79912566601","device":{"identifiers":"hass.agent-MIKES-PC","manufacturer":"LAB02 Research","model":"Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19045.0","name":"MIKES-PC","sw_version":"2022.14.0"},"apis":{"notifications":true,"media_player":true}}' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/config/custom_components/hass_agent/init.py", line 147, in updated hass.async_create_task(handle_apis_changed(hass, entry, apis)) File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/core.py", line 816, in async_create_task self.verify_event_loop_thread("async_create_task") File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/core.py", line 440, in verify_event_loop_thread frame.report( File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/frame.py", line 162, in report _report_integration(what, integration_frame, level, error_if_integration) File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/frame.py", line 203, in _report_integration raise RuntimeError( RuntimeError: Detected that custom integration 'hass_agent' calls async_create_task from a thread at custom_components/hass_agent/init.py, line 147: hass.async_create_task(handle_apis_changed(hass, entry, apis)). Please report it to the author of the 'hass_agent' custom integration....

Hass Agent Notify not working

I have tried these steps to rectify the situation. Reinstall Hass.Agent Reinstall Hass.Agent and Hass.Agent notifier in HACS Reinstall Hass.Agent and MQTT plugin in Home Assistant Plugins...
that should be the fix then, homeassistant 2024.5 broke the connection so you need to update, we will hopefully have a HACS entry soon, maybe not until the end of this year though
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How to use Switching Virtual Desktop with a button in Home assistant

There is no help available or a how to make this work, i have two entity's in Home assistant a Button and a Entity /Sensors that present me de ID's of the Virtual Desktops created, but how can i switch between the ID's or virtual desktops with the button? Anybody van help me with this? Thank you....
okay so step 1 is to create an ActiveDesktop sensor and a SwitchDesktop Command 2. open the activedesktop entity in homeassistant and switch to the blue iris desktop for about 15s 3. Copy the ID and mqtt publish it to the switchdesktop command topic in the script...

i buggered the install

hey I installed the new integration but did it all in one go (installed the new one in hacs, then deleted the old regular integration, then the old hacs integration but it said that I didn't delete the old one even though I did) so now after installing the new one it won't let my pc connect to the mqtt in ha, saying failed. (but the agent does show up as connected) presumably the old one didn't get completely deleted? how do I do that manually? everything old is now gone in the UI...

Entity rename script instructions

Where can I find the instructions to rename entities from the old HASS Agent naming? I just updated to the fork and still have the old entity names.
Amadeo is right, but full instructions are in #entity-names

no auto discovery

after breaking changes, i updated to hass agent 2, and downloaded the client fork. pc not being auto discovered, but sensors and commands show in mqtt.
nevermind, i dont know what i did but it just showed up
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hass.agent media_player

in my mqtt I see hass.agent and below that media_player and below that my computer and the the duration,currentposition,state, volumn etc... how can I see this in home assistant? I don't see that I can add that as a sensor that goes to the home assistant...
ok, - thank you - now with 2.1.0-beta1 it works and I can get the state and other information...

A few questions about HASS.Agent recent changes

I've used HASS.Agent for a few years to send toast notifications to my PC. They recently stopped working and I finally decided to explore why. I've poked around and I have a few questions. (1) There is a lot of talk about release 2.0.0 and I am confused because I am using version 2022.14.0 which would seem to indicate something has changed. Has HASS.Agent been reborn under new custodians? Sorry if I have been under a rock. I found documentation on how to migrate, but migrate to what? (2) In the past I have solved issues on the HA side by deleting the HASS.Agent integration and restarting HA and in no time autodiscovery finds the Agent and all becomes well again. That isn't the case anymore. Plus, my HA autodiscovery actually finds two HASS.Agent clients, including one that was on an old PC I haven't turned on in many months. How is HA "finding" this old agent? Strange....
Please go to #👋・new-comers

Failure setting up integration

Hi everyone, Since the last update of the integration to 2.1.0-beta1 I get the following error message in my log in home assistant: `Traceback (most recent call last):...

new API-key dossent work

ha 24.5.3 agent 2.0.1 deleted the old API-key thinking it was unused sense i have disabled local-API. Relishing i needed it, i made a new long term access token and added it to the agent. clicking "check connection" it said it was ok, but after sawing settings and reboot it failed to connect....
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Help with missing entities on new installation

After upgrading to HA v2.0.1 by deleting everything and starting from scratch, the HA integration is not finding the appropriate notify service entity (see screenshot). I'm also missing the media player entity (see second screenshot). I've tried restarting the windows agent and home assistant. Any other suggestions?
good to hear 😄 for anyone else that looks at this thread the link is: https://github.com/hass-agent/HASS.Agent-Integration...
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Looking for help with "stopped" system status items.

Looking for help with "stopped" system status items. Have been using HASS.Agent for years without issue. Trying to update to v2.01. Was having problems with the migration, so deleted everything and started from scratch. I'm getting the yellow "stopped" status for Quick Actions, Sensors, and Commands. Used MQTT explorer to delete all prior instances. Tried new API tokens. Can't think of anything else. Any suggestions?
if you don't have any sensors/commands/quick actions configured then it'll report as stopped
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HASS.Agent not functioning after PC rebuild

I had to do a complete rebuild of my main PC and lost config backups as well; HA installed on another machine. I ran the installer... everything seems to be connected w/o errors, however, I cannot get them to recognize one another. Even though I've created a couple sensors in HASS.Agent, they do not appear in HA. I've reinstalled HASS.Agent via HACS. suggestions?...
I'm going to start fresh. Since I have very few related uses, best to clear out all related entities and start over I think....
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