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Federal Job Grades

Was interested in looking deeper after stumbling upon a Federal Job posting since they listed various GS grades tied to experience. Upon seeing the table, they also included the percent increase and location adjustment. Interesting! This is post is a small case study on a few items regarding GS. Going to compare at GS-14 across localities for IT services field to normalize Grade and Role differences in pay scale....
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Robinhood 3% Rollover Match (expires 4/30/2024)

Post is not a guide, but some research and hopefully discussion on when this deal would make sense. Get the biggest IRA match on the market with Robinhood Gold...
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How do I buy a Car?

Wanted to put this website here for those that have to buy a car and have never purchased that much metal before. Step 0) (from what I read on dealership forums) ...

How can I benefit from Life Insurance?

Based on a response by @Manatee Outlaw to a question in the finance channel TLDR here's the concept: 1) You buy a permanent life insurance policy; this could be whole life (grows at a set % every year, contractually obligated, agnostic towards any market conditions, potential dividends if you're in a mutual insurance company policy) or variable universal life insurance (same thing but different.). Since we're all gambling Oe 150J's behind the denny's people here, we're gonna go with the 🅱️ased option and talk variable. But the concept is the same. ...

What are some things I should ask before OE?

Need some help with the thought process
- are you willing to keep j1 on your resume, or are you going to hide it? (this is a loaded question) - are you going for a w2 role, or a 1099 role? - how is your workload for j1 right now? - do you understand that you may need a good tech setup to handle conflicting meetings? - do you think you'll be the type who will tackle conflicting meetings, or are you senior enough to push them all?...

What can employers do LEGALLY? Can they SUE me?

Solution: 1. OE may be tortious, but certainly not illegal unless you start getting into secondary areas, like tax or dealing with government entities or classified information. 2. Breach of contract is the most likely avenue for employers to pursue damages from your OE activities. But I use the term "damages" loosely-- they need to be actual or consequential, not punitive. There's also a potential for liquidated damages, but your employment contract would need to specify liquidated damages & they need to be reasonable. Those are questions of fact for the factfinder (jury or judge, depending on whether it's a jury trial or bench trial)...

Reboot PiKVM command

Create a new ssh key w/ssh-keygen Add your public key to PiKVM Replace below with your PiKVM's assigned IP address. This is my local network so more work may be needed if you're rebooting remotely. ssh root@ reboot...

Python for Excel Thought I'd share that it's been in beta for office 365 for a few months. Also, I have this channel book marked in case I can't remember how to do something in Excel....

Financial Strategies for Business Owners, or, How to dodge taxes legally and with style

So you want to lower your tax bill while increasing your assets. We've all been there.

Beginner's personal finance for the OE W2 employee

I've been doing a lot of reading about personal finance since starting OE. I'm by no means an expert, but thought I might be able to help out others who have recently increased their tax bracket and want to make sure they're setting themselves up for future wealth by making their money work for them. I know I was very confused by things like backdoor roths and mega backdoor roths when I started researching. This is in order of priority. Complete each step before going on to the next. 1. Build up an emergency fund of at least 3 months of expenses. Store it in a high yield savings account (HYSA)....

Impacts of a frozen TWN?

Aggregating any impacts of a frozen TWN, like mortgages, etc.

Is there a guide to having two jobs?

Is there a guide to having two jobs? like a how to not mess it up or make the managers suspicious or keep up without dropping the ball on either side?
there is no one-stop-shop guide because many people have extremely different situations. what works for you may not work for someone else which can render many parts of the guide useless - the first thing to note is to ensure that you are as indistinguishable from a 1-jobber as possible. which, frankly, the bar is really low already since 1-jobbers tend to also slack off from time to time. You're just re-allocating that time for another job. - It's your choice whether or not you want to shoot for sustainability, or churn-and-burn (another reason why a one-stop-shop guide doesn't work because i could be giving you advice on how to sustain and maintain two FAANG-tier roles for years, but you may only be interested in taking on 5 different 100k jobs and just churn them when things go south)...

How to find the right OE job

This is my first time here. I would like to ask my friends how to find a suitable remote job. I am tired of going to the office.

access to twn after freeze?

I have an employer who uses TWN. After I put a freeze on my TWN, can that employer access my TWN again for a background check?
There was a clause by hireright (one of the consumers of TWN) attached in this message, basically stating that the company MAY request additional reports about you even after doing the initial one. Now, we had an actual second report (second image attached) where a person managed to contact TWN after supposedly seeing that their company procured a report after a freeze has been issued and he's been assured that the company saw nothing.
So far, it's fairly safe to say that even if you provided your company access to your TWN pre-freeze, they won't be able to see it again post-freeze....

What's the recommended years of experience before someone can consider OE?

There's no recommendation number of years. It's really about when you find a single job routine and stop learning. I think that doing OE ad a junior or a mid-level is risky because you can easily run into a hurdle which takes up a lot of mental energy and adds a lot of stress. Once you're a senior and most things don't particularly challenge you, I think it's a good time to OE. That said, I'd say most people get there in 4-6 years....

Is it a problem if J1 and J2 both use Okta?

There has been no fail stories related to two or more jobs using Okta.

Does getting a loan result in your employment info showing up on a credit report?

Is there any way of getting a loan or mortgage but avoiding reporting your employer?
Most banks want to know you're getting paid from somewhere to pay off the loan, so this info (in many cases) may not be omitted. Though, just to reassure you that taking a loan won't necessarily "expose" you for OE, unless your employer does periodic credit checks on you. Some options:...

Can someone reassure me on overlapping meetings?

i am really worried about having overlapping meetings, though, i can hold my ground and say i am busy at that time or block out my calendar so it doesn't happen unless its one of those mass-meetings for the whole company or something.
that's the thing, you can choose to either tackle them (probably more applicable if advanced into the OE bit), or avoid them completely avoiding it completely might be sustainable in short term, but really difficult long-term if you decide to tackle them, there are a number of strategies that does take a bit of work. audio mixers / 1 mic per job / for transcriptions / learning how to mute switch between job to job if you decide to avoid them, then you have a finite number of excuses you'll have to employ in your life to pull it off, like bathroom contractors building house, or have to deal with a deliver and you will be out for about 15 min...