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All you have to do is exercise your basic data privacy rights

You can contact each of these commonly used agencies and request to remove your data: The Work Number by Equifax Data Held: The Work Number collects and maintains employment and income records. Data Removal: You can request data removal through their contact page....

Universal Background Screening

Posting findings about background checks from Universal Background Screening.

Security Clearance (DCSA)

A buddy wants to do OE and is in the process of DCSA, is this OE friendly?

List of Background Check Companies

Was looking at the Greenhouse API and came across this support page: A list of every background check company they integrate with: Interesting for us as it gives us a large list of BGC companies....

fiverr resource for faking paystubs

Can someone recommend a worker on fiverr or upwork to doctor up some paystubs for me? I just need to change some info on real ones (like dates, etc) and black out a few items the employment contractor doesnt need to see

Summarizing background checks (generic)

when you do a background check, they have to verify your 1) education 2) criminal/county stuff 3) most of the time, (depending on industry), employment (whether or not you're telling the truth on your resume). ...


Generally OE friendly, but be careful if the company purchases a tier of checkr that inclues a check


Compiling accuratenow data. We do know they use


Uses TWN or transunion as a database


I would like to know any of the good, the bad, or the neutrals with Hireright as a background check company for OE. Site: Database used: TWN, and sometimes IRS data...
TrueScreen has a very nice QA on their website where they describe how they verify work history. They use TWN and.. IRS data. They even list the forms required. The IRS is tight as a drum when it comes to taxpayer privacy. If it weren’t then the tax returns if a certain former president would have leaked years ago. The only way they can get information from the IRS is if you sign the form giving them permission. The lesson here is that if a BGC wants you to sign an IRS form then the answer needs to be hell no. This is none of their business anyway. If anyone has any other information on TrueSceeen, please let us know. We know that working under Booz Allen among other federal contracting companies have used Booz Allen, and we have seen some members in private DMs report that there can be some employment data lifted even with a frozen TWN. Proceed with caution if using booz allen as a J2 or J3....


I would like to know any of the good, the bad, or the neutrals with Hireright as a background check company for OE. Site: Database used: TWN, and sometimes third party databases like ChexSystems...
In my experience, hireright outsources their background check investigations overseas. They are great under the following OE scenarios: 1. If you want to continue keeping your J1 (as they respect not calling your current employer 95% of the time [see more below for the asterisks*]) 2. If you want to hide your employment after freezing TWN ...