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[Bug] Log lines with duplicated message IDs

on our HLL server we had one guy get a bunch of teamkills at once with a nade, however, all but the first teamkill messages received the exact same message ID. After refreshing the page, only two teamkills showed.

The message ID: IaWJgFckEe6RQNfc9Kk3Wg

Discord Link Embedding

Send these webhooks to Discord, not attaching the link anymore. Any insight?

Recovering BM server after deleted connection

In the process of claiming our new Host Havoc server's connection (, the owner accidentally deleted the existing connection that I was attempting to migrate to the new server. We would like to recover our old server for its activity/playtime data and set up the new RCON connection there.
Old server:
New server: <

RCON Port in use by another server

I'm currently migrating our server to a new system, but it appears someone still has battlemetrics registered with our new address.
Server being updated:

Rcon is not working

for my part, I checked everything, it works correctly, I also asked the hosting company to check, they told me to contact you, as everything looks good from their side.
my server, I'm hooked up, rcon, but the player list doesn't show up.

[Bug] Dashboard log view missing "Click to display more" button if no logs are visible

If on the dashboard you have a server whose log filters are set up in a way so that no logs from the past 24 hours are visible, the entire view will be empty, and will not include the "Click to display more" button you would otherwise see if you scrolled up far enough. An easy way to reproduce this is to set your log filters to "whitelist" and then not tick any of the log types.

Duplicate Messages

For whatever reason, BM has started to send duplicate messages when only 1 was sent in game

How do I access the label of an input?

For example I have an string input name customReason and it's label is Custom Reason.

Can I access the label by using {{input.reasons.label}}?

RCON port and password are correct but can't make a connection - Project Zomboid

As the title says, Im pretty sure have rcon enabled, not sure what else to do.

Server Removal

Hord this was one of my servers but its been deleted server files for Squad don't even exist on that box anymore:

Pls delete

[HLL] Team, Unit, Score not populating

In regards to HLL, how do I get the following to actually display the correct data?

Thank you.

Hide IP Address on BM website

Hello, i'm not sure if this was asked already or if its even possible. Is there a way to hide the IP address on the BM website of a server?

Project Zomboid identifiers

I was wondering why battlemetrics can't log steamID and player's IP when they log on my server ? Is there something I must enable ?

Hide or Ban the Server

I have a server listed on your website, and I would like to request a permanent ban of my server's IP from appearing on your site.

My server link:

If you require proof that I am the owner of the server, please let me know what kind of evidence you need, and I will be happy to provide it.

battle metrics api

hello im wondering if theres a way to use the battlemetrics api to search for servers and find the population of it and make that into a discord bot ive been struggling to get mine to work 😄

Log Message

I have added a Log Message Trigger. Can i format the timePlayed to hours?

Name: {{}} -- SteamID: {{player.steamID}} -- Servertime: {{player.server.timePlayed}} -- Gametime: {{}}

Server Deletion

Hey @hordicus we already wrote a long time ago about that.

You told me I should check with what Steam Account or BM Account we created the listing of the Server
but there is no way we can find out, we checked all Accounts and we were not able to delete it on any..

Could you please finally delete the Server, it bugs me out when I see a "offline" Server
I attached a Screenshot that you can use as a prrof that I am the Owner of Bloodrage 🙂

Does the Layer override the Available Layer if the input is not available on the choices?

This is related to Squad's Change Layer since it's still not updated. I wonder which layer will work if done this method.