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BattleMetrics Premium cant see ingame Player

i just bought the Premium pack but cant see the real ingame Player how does it come?

my server not online

Hello, Administrators! Why my server not online, I am playing at this currently? ๐Ÿ˜ Server URL:

Server Remove Request

please remove this six server
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Our Server and RCON is down

We got DDOS attacked for the last week, so we contacted our Hosting for some rules and firewall. Just a moment ago, we just got attacked again, and now out BM is dead.
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EOS ID Search in dashboard is not working

Even if I copy the EOS ID from the player itself then use it as search, it doesn't work
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There seems to be an issue with BM - we use an "Extended RCON" plugin which adds a bunch of useful commands. When we run these commands via BM, they return an expected message in local rcon client, but in BM's popup window it says "The game server did not respond to the command".

API - How to pull a list of all unique SteamIDs for a specific server ID?

How can I pull a list of all unique SteamIDs for a specific server ID? I am brand new to the BM API and looking for the correct endpoint to use. Particularly interested in pulling data into PowerBI

How do I sort Player Actions? It seems not to follow by name

Is there a way to sort them problem so I can make related-triggers near together?

How do I fix the ping?

Hello does anyone know what is this error and how to fix it?
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NailGunWorld data inaccurate IP:port has changed to

Unable to access Rcon

Error! There was an error attempting to render this page. If you continue to experience problems let us know....
XIXmas issa2/11/2024


Does battle metrics have a thing where I can look up a user ip and see if theyโ€™re any game bans or alt accounts? If so how
1. You must have an RCON Connection to the server & said players would have had to join your server. 2. The game must support IP identifiers. 3. Linked identifiers are shown on the player page & you can check to see what other profiles are linked. 4. Battlemetric does log game bans (VAC/Steam/rust) against a players profile....
FMFlint Monkey2/10/2024

Uptime data is inaccurate - how to fix

I am evaluating subscribing to BattleMetrics Premium for my Rust server and recently discovered that the data associated with the server is very inaccurate (uptime, etc.) and does not match that of my hosting provider. I have been online on the server when the dashboard on Battlemetrics reports that the serve is offline and not responding to queries. What's going on? Server address is

Duplicate SQUAD server results

Recently we have Two of our Squad servers showing twice in server results: Could I please ask for the duplicates to be deleted? Duplicate server 1:
The problem here is that it looks like your RCON server records are specifying a different query port than the game port. Because Squad runs on EOS, there's no use for a separate query port since there is no direct query. We expect the game port and the query port to be the same. If you update your server connection settings it should clear those duplicate records....

Displaying not real users?

Hello, please tell me why false user names are displayed when displaying the online and history of server players? Is that how it's meant to be?

How i extract this data from BM using api?

Im noob and its my first time trying to understand how api works, also im way bellow the "beginner" stage in programming... What im trying to do right now is get the monthly unique players value from a specific server in this case its "" i put some code into a php file and the result is this: Array ( [data] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [type] => dataPoint [attributes] => Array ( [timestamp] => 2024-01-01T00:00:00.000Z [value] => 935 ) ) ) ) wich i guess the number of unique players on 1st of january of 2024 was 935, right? If this is true and ive done everything right, the next question is how i store this data for more then 3 months? Do i need a data base? Becouse it seems i can only get information based on the last 3 months, so i think i need to store all these values in a db and sum them up and have them displayed on my web? I have no ideea if what ive said even make sense but if someone can help me with some suggestions or make me understand this i would highly apreciate it!...
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When Iโ€™m using the api I want to search by server name itโ€™s working for most servers but for example it wonโ€™t let me find NA-PVP-TheIsland2019 but I can find NA-PVP-TheIsland2003
Wrap your search term with quotes if you want an exact match

colors trigger

Good evening, how do I change the trigger colors? Thank you.

player name with double-byte characters, the server will be displayed as offline.

We have confirmed an issue where server information cannot be obtained correctly if the player name is a double-byte character. Most commonly found in East Asia On the servers we manage, if there are 6 or more players whose names have double-byte characters, server information cannot be obtained correctly.
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