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How do you use Fly.io (Best Hosting for wasp) for free?

OpenSaas team suggested me fly.io, I have successfuly deployed service to their server, but with out a trafic, it costs me 0.83 dollar, while it was active for the weekend. I remember that fly.io fast free? How to use it for free?
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Issue with creating jobs/workers

I want to create jobs/workers for functions that use external APIs such as OpenAI so they're also processed if the user closes/refrehes the page. Example: For an outline creation function I have created: 1) a job definition in the main.wasp:...

PGboss error on Linux server

Hello everyone, does anyone what is this problem when I want to run PGBoss on my server but it is working well on my local, I get this error:
pg-boss failed to start! error: no pg_hba.conf entry for host , user octopus , database wasp_f994d74c_2fa3_4b4c_b3a6_bdaeee9f1ff8_40dd0d3a_28a9_4ea9_a2 , no encryption...

Cannot Access dB once Deployed...

Hi, all! I'm running into an error with any Wasp apps that use a dB after deploy. During development on localhost, the wasp client and server work just fine and the server connects to the dB (running on Supabase) just fine. The app works just fine. BUT THEN: I deploy the app and run into errors with the dB. The wasp server and client work with any page / function that does not call out to the dB. But when accessing the dB while deployed, I just get errors. I have my own servers I rent from Hetzner and am using Coolify to deploy. Once again, the server and client work fine and any page that does not use the dB loads up just as one would expect. Trying to log in gives me a "405" error when accessing the dB. Thinking the problem might be Coolify, I decided to deploy on Fly.io. This time, I get a "network error" when accessing the dB instead of a "405" error. THEN, I tried using the Postgre dB that Fly.io offers -- STILL get a "network error" when the app accesses the dB. My DATABASE_URL is properly set both on my Coolify instance and when I tried it on Fly.io. I have no idea what is going on. When running locally the app calls out to the Supabase db just fine, with no errors. I have spent several hours trying to debug this problem and all I have done is waste time and energy. Currently, I am only replicating the "Todo" app from the Tutorial -- so this is not some big and complicated App. I really want to use Wasp instead of having to learn Next.js....

What is the API endpoint in production?

My development environment has port 3000 for the app and 3001 for api. When I deploy to production the site works but the API endpoint does not seem correct. What is the API endpoint in production?

Need help incorporating existing project into this template

hi guys, this is my first time using Wasp, how do i incorporate my existing project into this template?

SubscriptionStatus and subscriptoinTier not getting updated in stripe test mode.

The subscription status and tier are not getting updated on default in stripe test mode. Is this expected behaviour? Will it work in the live mode, or does it have to be set up first?...

type declarations

Cannot find module 'wasp/client/router' or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307) how do i download the type declarations...

Github actions failing with "OpenAI API key not set"

Tests work in development but failing in Github. Checking doc to determine how to safely provide keys. ```[WebServer] [app][err] [ Server!] OpenAI API key not set. Please set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable. [WebServer] [app][err] [ Server!] /home/runner/work/mysponsorapp-wasp/mysponsorapp-wasp/app/src/server/actions.ts:76 [WebServer] [app][err] [ Server!] throw new HttpError(500, "OpenAI API key not set. Please set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable."); [WebServer] [app][err] [ Server!] ^...

Migrate db in Production fly.io

Given that I have a wasp app I deployed to fly.io, what are the steps I need to do to make sure changes to entity schemas are reflected in Production database? Additional questions: 1. Has anyone deployed db changes to an already deployed app and can share common pitfalls? 2. Is there a wasp db migrate-dev equivalent such as wasp db migrate-prod?...

fly.io frontend keeps crashing

hey folks, my fly.io deployed app keeps crashing, not sure why, I don't even know how to begin investigating why it keeps crashing, it says its suspended in the fly.io dashboard and these are some recent logs

user.subscriptionStatus and user.subscriptionTier are not set

I've set up Stripe and can buy the test product using the right price ID. User.StripeId and User.CheckoutSessionId are properly set in the database. I successfully get to /checkout?success=true afterwards. But user.subscriptionStatus and user.subscriptionTier are not set. I've also checked the event data in Stripe, for example the checkout.session.completed is properly shown. ...

Link Components having typescript errors when linking to a path with a slug

When I try and use the "to" prop of a Link component, I get a typescript error on wasp start saying that it is not of the correct type if it contains a slug - eg profile/123 fails as the 123 is dynamic. What's the best way around this?

How can I put the production website behind a password like a staging area?

I have the site deployed on fly.io as i need it live for some testing. How can I put it behind a password so its not publically available to anybode?...

Getting stuck at Setting up database after configuring external postgresdb

I am in dev and have entered a postgresql hosted with supabase in .env.server. I have tested the connectoin through terminal and it works without problem. I ran the following commands: rm -r migrations/...

How to redirect from www to non www

Hi everyone, I have this little problem that sometimes some websites redirect my non www website to a www version, and because of the wasp web client url (I guess that's the reason why) being set to non www, the backend won't work, and it throws CORS errors. What do you suggest?

Login does not work after verifying with the link

Wasp version: 0.13.2 The problem happens both on local development and production mode in Fly.io The password set on Sign Up is not working after verifying in the link. But it works if I reset the password. I used the command wasp new with the option [3] as a head start. It worked in the beginning but it stopped....
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Error running the Todo App

Hi there, I have completed the tutorial for the TodoApp, but when I try to run the app I get an error (see attached). I realised that I had made an error in the MainPage.jsx file, so to be on the safe side I copied the code from the Wasp Github repository. But I'm still getting this error and am not sure why or where I should look to avoid it....
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Error when trying to add authentication

Hiya, I'm following the steps outlined in the Wasp tutorial to create a Todo app. I got to the final step, adding authentication (https://wasp-lang.dev/docs/tutorial/auth). I created a user entity successfully. However, in the next step (adding auth to the project), when I try to update the database schema by typing "wasp db migrate-dev" in my terminal, I get an error message saying "Complication of wasp project failed" (see attached)....
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