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My clothes gone

My clothes are gone for some reason and they dont appear even if i rejoin
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Combat Warriors The Hunt Egg UGC

I would just like to know what's going to happen to us players who got all 3 eggs from the event it's just been deleted and that's it?

Why does everyone always pick crossroads?

It's a very boring map with nothing special, not even the arena, only the beach is the special part and it is always boring too, I can't deal with this. either bring back the old maps or give us all the versions.
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pro servers

we need pro servers on combat warriors fr fr

Glitched enchant

Iโ€™m unable to take off the bubbles enchant, or equip any other one. Itโ€™s been like this for a while now. Itโ€™s like this only on fists. From what I know this glitch is visible only to me. It doesnโ€™t affect the gameplay in any way, but it has gotten pretty annoying. Help, anyone?
go to secondary ur in the ranged section (button beside utility 1)...
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Will the energy sword be for robux?
Not confirmed / unknown


Whens the new update?
we do not know.

who made the original swing animations?

like back when old ds was just the regular ds animation

Can you not make your own kill sounds now?

I want a certain kill sound but couldnโ€™t find it so I made it myself but every time I copy and paste the id it wonโ€™t work. So for a kill sound do you need to use someone elseโ€™s or can you make your own?


how do i claim the chat and overhead tokens
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I need to be unbanned๐Ÿ˜ž

I know I made a mistake using the script, I promise not to make a mistake, but I don't have anything else to play after being a bandit in Combat Warriors, I apologize, I wanted to go back.
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where is the russian chat

i don't know english

are having bypassed audios as kill sounds bannable

i found someone using a kill audio with the hard r and the b word swear and i have a recording of it and a screenshot of the user whichs leads to the question is it bannable

Add a new type of bow!

you could make a compound bow, it looks cool in real life but could also in game!

add anime reference weapons

I think it would be very cool if they add new weapons that reference to the anime such as bleach, jujutsu kaisen, demon slayers,โ€ฆect Like for example: zangetsu, zabimaru, tojiโ€™s Inverted Spear of Heaven, hagano daido, nanamiโ€™s short blunt sword,โ€ฆect If the dev add this in the future update itโ€™s gonna be very interesting...