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Community questions


game broken

On the robuxs spent it say 3000 and I didn’t get the 2,500 reward so I think it’s broken because I never got the reward from spending robux.

Do i need to wait or ping mods in my ban appeal?

Its been 30 hours since I explained why i'm not hacking in my ban appeal. But mods don't seem to respond. Is it normal? Or am I just perma-banned?

is it possible for my account to get unbanned since theres byfron on roblox and cant cheat anymore?

i have been waiting for 1 year for this so please unbanned it

Switching the connected account?

How do I and can I

huh ?

2 clan raid and banned 3 played ?? 🤡

still missing gamepass kill effect

back when ppl lost stuff i lost the vanguard red kill effect thing and last time i asked u guys told me to wait are u able to give it back now?


how do i verify again cuz i updated my display name and i want it to change to the new one

how i can put icon on a clan?

How i can put icon on a clan?

how to get Robux spent rewards

I was looking around the game, and I discovered that you can win rewards by how much Robux you spend but I don’t know how to claim it can anyone help


bro I have this stupid bug where my clothes do not work in the game

for the people who lost there stuff

why not refund us all of our cash so i can buy my weapons back... instead yall give me 10k like that can do anything.

not seeing a change in luck with daily spins

I have the top teir and mid Teri booster. Have had them for like 3 weeks and still have not received anything above green. I also bought like 70 daily spins and haven’t gotten anything better than green. Ik it a chance system but you would think if you bought 2 levels of boosters you would atleast get a purple here and there but nothing. Don’t know if I’m just not lucky or what. Figure I should post just in case it is a bug and other people are experiencing it.

Help needed

For about a year now I have been banned from Combat Warriors and I still don’t know why because when I was it said I was exploiting which I wasn’t and I’m on iPhone so how is that even possible and would appreciate it if you unbanned as I rly enjoy this game

chat button problem

Randomly when I join a server my chat button won't show so I can't speak at all🗿


how can i verify mi discord