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Does anyone know why I am not given a reward when I log into the game

I bought the gold gamepass but I don't get 1,5k aether or any rewards from logging , is this a bug or I'm just blind and can't read properly

Is there a unban appeal for the discord server? cus my friend got banned

My friend got banned and im not speaking for him but he does not know/cant find a appeal to get unbanned on the discord server I think he said smth racial but its been like 1 month

Overhead tokens

How can i use this tokens? (Im on mobile)...
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Remboursement Robux pour tous les achats

Bonjour, je souhaite effectuer le remboursement de tous les pass de jeu que j'ai achetés dans ce mode. Pourquoi ? ---La première raison est que je m'ennuie du jeu depuis longtemps et que je n'ai tout simplement plus la motivation comme avant, avant j'avais au moins un objectif pour réaliser quelque chose, mais maintenant, ayant le niveau 581, je non je ne vois plus l'intérêt de faire quoi que ce soit, tout est devenu inintéressant pour moi ---La deuxième raison est la mise à jour du mode lui-même, car beaucoup de temps s'est déjà écoulé et il n'y a tout simplement pas de nouveau contenu et, apparemment, il n'y en aura pas, à mon avis, le développeur non plus s'intéresse à ce mode ou l'a tout simplement abandonné !...

why did the egg got deleted?

Why was the egg dissapeared fron my inventory?

How am I to get better?

I'm fresh from console beginner lobbies and i want to play the game and get better, but i don't know how i can do that if everyone is eliminating me with guts's sword in seconds, i cant play the game when there are people 10x better who have played for more than 100 hours, How am i supposed to get better?

discord server reward

I am talking right now and my name is the same as my roblox name, but every time i press the verify button it doesn't give me my reward? did i not verify correctly or something???????!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

kill sound help

Hello, can someone help me with a problem? I uploaded an audio to Roblox to put it in cw but it can't be heard, how can I generate a death audio in cw?:gato:...


Please unban me I still had little left Until I can take the dragon slayer I never user cheat, I never used hacks, because ms first account was stolen And I had on that account all The weapons And 30k aether and i don't want to make another account because It took me almost half a year Until I can get the ds. I hope you read my message🙏🙏 User:gabryrl20096 Pls unban me it's my first time when i get ban....


sigh, people are terrible. Surname. equates me with other cheaters. even though I have no reason to hack. Before, I played the game fairly. But just because of a few unclear cases, they quickly concluded me. Then they consider it justice, equality. I don't understand what those people are thinking. They didn't look closely at the situation. Probably because I'm just a grain of sand, they don't care. cw is a very good game, it's also the game I play the most, it's really great. But one day, I sud...

Can i be Unbanned?

Uh i used hacks before and i got banned and i made an appeal which shows the proof of me using a hitbox expander and ive been waiting for days to play again

Error Code A1

Hey, got an Error A1??
@Dev it's an error related to lag. Nothing to worry about, you can continue playing as usual
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Kill Sound

I bought a kill sound, but it doesn’t work, others can hear it but I can’t, and I can hear the kill sound of other players but not mine, help

Gold Gamepass

When I bought gold on my old account I remember it had this description: Now have it: My friend wants to buy it but is afraid he won't get the same thing I received...
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