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Intermittently empty logs after switching to Runtime V2

Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue similar to the one described here https://discord.com/channels/713503345364697088/1248967150220087357 but in my case I'm missing only some of my logs (without any noticeable pattern). The project doesn't use structured logs, it's a Java service relying on logback as its logging framework. My logback configuration, if needed, can be found here https://github.com/Stickerifier/Stickerify/blob/main/src/main/resources/logback.xml. The project is f6d25e17-9bb2-457f-8ce2-e55b5ce1dcd8...
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Encountered a random restart after using V2 runtime for a while

I was just randomly checking my deployment logs when I noticed a 'restart' out of nowhere. I checked sentry and there had been no errors, and I also checked my dev logs and the last command that was ran was at 7:02 PM (GMT+2) and that was just me running the ping command. I'm not sure if this is related to the runtime but it's the first ever time I've noticed it happen.
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Archived Database from Migration

Just seeing some old emails that say I need to request a download link in order to bring back my archived database. How do I do that?
Raise a thread in https://help.railway.app

Weird start command behaviour

does this override ENTRYPOINT or CMD in the dockerfile? i can't get it to work no matter what, it keeps returning ERROR Unknown command node /app/node_modules/saaskitty/build/production/main.js start --service=worker this is the default in the Dockerfile which is working fine in another service that doesn't configure Custom Start Command ```...
perhaps, im not really sure whats causing it, but the fact that your app has started means this isnt exactly an issue with railway
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All my projects are down

What is going on? Eg barnabynagy.com...
I would highly recommend you look into using cloudflare's nameservers on account of this being the second time you've had issues with your current dns provider

Connecting postgress to API via internal network issue

Heey! I can't seem to connect my API service with DB service via internal network, the health check just fails and thats it. I'm not doing anything special, by the docs. Any ideas?...
Update, health checks can now pass if your app only listens on but if you have already changed it to :: there's no point in changing anything back as listening on :: has no known drawbacks.

How much does it cost to deploy Flask app Docker image to Google Cloud Run / Railway?

- minimum range to maximum range, and most probable range - how competitive and reliable the cost is between gcloud and railway? I'm spending $30/mth on railway for django+celery+pg+redis constant run ...

Posthog provider doesn't seem to work with railway

I have a frontend that uses posthog for its analytics. I used to have this whole project hosted elsewhere and everything worked perfectly. However, it does not seem to work on railway. I am defining my provider with ```ts const options = {...

Vue js vite app taking long time

I'm building an Exam AI app using Vue.js, Django DRF API, and OpenAI API. The app involves heavy operations like uploading files, sending them to my API, and then to the OpenAI API. The backend functionality works perfectly, but the frontend, specifically the dashboard, takes at least 1 minute to load. In the dashboard, there are multiple checks (e.g., verifying if the user is logged in or if they are an admin), which involve direct API calls instead of using local storage. Despite this, the backend handles these checks efficiently. However, I deployed my Vue.js app on Railway.app without building the app (I didn't run npm run build). Could this be the reason for the slow loading times on the dashboard? How can I solve this issue?...

"m is not a function" when trying to delete a row from a Postgres DB

Basically title
yeah that data tab is broken in a lot of ways, I'd suggest deploying dbgate into the project and having it connected to the database via the private network

Docker build cache issue

https://docs.railway.app/guides/dockerfiles Railway supports cache mounts in your Dockerfile in the following format: ...

Deployment Error: "error: undefined variable 'python38' "

I am trying to deploy the latest version of an app I have built a while ago and I now get an error during build step with the following:
error: undefined variable 'python38'
My nixpacks.toml does choose to include it manually. It used to work. Is it no longer supported?...
set your engines.node to 16

Info deploy logs are showing up as error

There are two photos, the first is the old logs. The second are new logs. But for some reason, the commands that are being ran, are being picked up as "error" level. Not sure why this might be. I assume an internal change thing....
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log viewer broken (see video)

It appears as if the default log viewer is messed up - looks like some kind of view-reuse optimization gone horribly wrong. I have locomotive syncing the logs, and synced logs are just normal. This is on chrome on mac, and they have worked "reasonably well" before. That is, not broken like this....

Need help with creating a project using template through CLI

Hi Team, i am trying to create a project through CLI but i need to use a template as well. Please can you guide over this
open your browsers developer tools, and go though the dashboard to deploy a template and then just copy down the queries and mutations it uses to deploy a template and have your code do the same

Egress usage has sky-rocketed

I deleted my postgress database a week ago and reinstalled it only to find yesterday that the egress usage had gone from almost nothing to $18. I have since deleted the database and reinstalled it again and now it's gone down to around a third of that. Any idea how to get it back to almost nothing again? I have no idea what has caused it to jump....
are you connecting to it over the public network? if so, you should use the private network.

Railway domain connect

I can see the domain is connect with cloudflare. But the domain is not working....
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DNS nameservers

Hey, I've tried setting up a domain w hostinger and connecting it to railway brody said to configue it w cloudflare. once I did I tried to deploy my frontend to vercel but wen I configure the domain it says invaid configuration and suggests to add vercel nameservers?

Unable to renew hobby tier

I have an issue with pricing and billing.. I paid for the hobby plan last may. It expired on the first week of June. Today I tried to renew it, i says I have unpaired invoice of. I didn't go over the credit of $5 which I paid last time but still i paid the $5... and it still says I have an unpaired invoice of five dollars......

How do I easily duplicate my postgres database?

I reckon that the db migration earlier this year was swift, can this similar method be applied for db duplication for enviroments? Or is there a better way to this currently as is?...
yeah! you can use the exact same template and everything, its all open source - https://railway.app/template/postgres-plugin-migration