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Create a persistent service with a docker image

Hi guys, im trying to figure out how can i create a service with a persistent voluime

Receive notification via the n8n url.

Hi, guys Project ID: 166d3751-42cb-4032-8849-ca8f64aac2f7 Receive notification via the n8n url. ...

Build does not get through

THe build process just gets stuck without no logs showing up for 20-30 mins and then fails due to timeout. Project ID: 34201471-b3bb-47a4-84b4-5e87c08ca756...
No description

I need to pay $10,000 for any amount of extra storage?!

I was told I could request storage using a pro account but not this amount of money for such a small amount of storage. Is there anything I can do?
YSyumi Sad (╥﹏╥)2/21/2024

No credit card gets approved when trying to pay for the subscription plan.

Good evening, I am trying to pay for the subscription plan on Railway, but all the cards are being declined. I've tried several, and none of them work, only on your site it doesn't go through

can't create an proxy

Every time I try to create a proxy it shows this error
this very much violates railway's tos
No description
PHPhong Ho2/21/2024

Mongo db keep crashing even restart the container

My mongo db keep crashing even I already restart the container. Only work in 1 minute and crashed again.
grow it to 5gb
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Error on backend node js (nest.js)

hello everyone I have decided to ask for help here. I have uploaded my website on railway about 5 months ago, the last deployment was 5 months ago, but today I had a problem with my website. I was checking the backend logs and I found the following: [Nest] 32 - 02/21/2024, 12:11:54 AM ERROR [ExceptionsHandler] connect ECONNREFUSED Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
No description

npm install --force

Hello, I need to add ---force to my build/npm install temporary.

Is there any way to create a distinction between the variables defined for a build vs runtime?

I want my build to use a different AWS access key from my application (during runtime)

Unknown errors in logs

I was viewing my logs randomly and I noticed some strange errors that don't relate much to anything my bot does. Are these errors from railway and should I be worried?

Urgent for Freelance Client!: On Railway, Custom Domain Not Connecting since 3 Days Now from Nameche

Hi everyone, I have taken all steps in the documentation and on Google and StackOverflow to connect a custom domain I bought on Namecheap.com. The domain does not seem to connect since 3 days now. Meanwhile, I have been using the "Generated Domain" from Railway. Kindly help me urgently, as I am at the verge of losing a client and my hard-earned money. Thanks.

RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN when custom domain is set

I don't have access to my account at the moment so I can't check this right now, but quick question. When a custom app domain is set (customdomain.com) will RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN change to that or will it always be the service domain like example.up.railway.app...
yes ${{RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN}} will reflect the custom domain if one is set

Brute force attack

Hi, I've had some sort of brute force attack on my back end server, ~5000 attempts within 10min, Get and Post requests trying various api end points e.g. /api/v4/users/9, /xmlrpc.php, /adminer.php, /api/api/schema, ... all from the same ip Three questions: a) Is there a place this should be reported to and b) Is there a way to find out if an end point was hit successfully? ...
Guarding against this would be your responsibility. I think they have some pretty basic ddos stuff that they block but generally everything is on your own to make sure you are handling. Would recommend you put something like cloudflare in front to setup firewall rules to try and stop any botted traffic.

Does the estimated bill feature take into account one off peak traffic?

My project usage is about 20 USD every month. I am running a Spring Batch job that should work for about 30 minutes. During this time there should be a high load as 1.3m records will be imported to my DB. Does the estimated bill feature take into account peak traffic that only occurs once a month? Now that I start up my Spring Batch job, the estimated bill is going higher and higher. But it only runs once a month

Node Project not starting on the right path

When trying to start my Node Project, I got the error: "Error: Cannot find module '/app/dist/server.js'" But my start command is: "npm run build && npx prisma migrate deploy && node ./dist/server.js" I don't know where Railways is pulling that /app/ folder...

Issues with Root Directory and NextJS deployment in Turbo repo

I have a turbo monorepo with a Next app I am trying to deploy. I need the paths for deployment to be as follows: Deploy: ./apps/website Build: ./ Install: ./...
but your solution 1 would be the most applicable solution, with the exception that your install and build commands are filtered to only insall and build the apps/website app

Issuing TLS certificate taking too much time

hello, i'm trying to use a custom domain for a deployed project, I added the CNAME record as directed with TTL of 300. Its showing issuing TSL certificate for a long time ( which earlier used to happen instantly ), is that normal? Im using Hostinger btw
Hostinger does not support root level cnames, you are trying to use an alias type when railway requires a cname. you would need to use cloudflare's nameservers to achieve a root level cname....
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