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Logs Truncated

Is there a way to prevent long lines from being truncated? "Line Wrapping" is turned on in the settings.
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Deploy Crashed!

My deployment for MySQL in parched-stone crashed within the production environment.
you will need to remove the source mysql image and then add it back as mysql:8.3

Railway down?

Is railway dashboard down?
It's back up - try again?
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Extremely long container deployment times + inconsistent build statuses

Deployments are taking over 10 minutes - the build step takes a minute or so, and gets stuck on creating containers. In addition, I've made a few seperate services that point to the same repository, but some of these services aren't even able to build properly even with the same configuration as another that builds properly. Some of the builds also just quit with the error We were unable to connect to the registry for this image. Project ID: 4a7d8d53-a35f-4e04-9170-628ed97b35b8...

Unexpected error from Railway Proxy

i have my app deployed, when try to send any request by swagger any response from any endpoint return this msg: Unexpected error from Railway Proxy
this doesnt seem like a message that railway is returning, looks like something your code is returning

connection refused

Hai im deploy using golang and have some little problem at here. i dont know how to solve it can you help me? 2024/07/11 19:04:12 /app/database/db.go:34 [error] failed to initialize database, got error dial tcp :0: connect: connection refused 2024/07/11 19:04:12 DB Connection Errordial tcp :0: connect: connection refused...

Stopping Container then fails

While the container is building, it says its about to push the image then just says Stopping Container and fails the build. https://i.mrxbox98.me/file/2024/07/chrome_1DZMCiyZJd.png...

Problem with deploy

My deploy is with a error, don't can working. It's just not being able to finish the deployment, it finishes the whole process, and then starts it again
Now is solved, is working we deployment normally.

Infinite deploy

I'm trying to deploy a golang project using dockerfile ```Dockerfile FROM golang:alpine as build WORKDIR /src/app...
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Mysql offline

I updated my account to a pro plan and increased the size of my database. Before this, the database was not working and kept restarting. The message error in console is: 2024-07-11 17:12:15+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Entrypoint script for MySQL Server 9.0.0-1.el9 started. ...
you need to remove the image and replace it with a fixed version

Import Hobby project to pro plan

I have many applications in my hobby plan. I upgraded to a pro plan. When I opened my pro plan for the first time, it was possible to import my projects, but I only imported one project to test it. Now I want to import the other projects to the Pro Plan....
you can move projects between workspaces from within the project settings

2 services are in deployment Queue for a long time

Project ID: 8fc2ad89-714b-4cb3-9778-cb64d1373409

Haven't been able to deploy in almost 24 hours

I have comented in other posts about this but did not get any responses back, my application is failing builds/deploys with 15-30 mins wait and just never finishes. Project is: 933adf27-b277-41d5-a1a9-dfa054443b83...
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Build Failed with Crun Error

My deployment for a laravel service keeps on failing on an error in the build step, the image seems to be built successfully but there is an error after publishing it. I didnt change anything in the build configs for the service so im having a hard time finding out why this is happening
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Slow deploy times

Builder is currently slowly deploying. It's stuck on creating containers for like 5-10 minutes and then deploys successfully. Happened multiple times in a row.
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Manual push from Github for deployment?

I have two environments Production and a Sandbox. For the Sandbox the automatic push every time I update the repo is great. But for Production I would prefer to click a button to initiate deployment vs. the deployment happening automatically when my repo is updated. Is there a setting that I am missing that I should be using to keep connected with my Github repo but turn off the automatic deployment?...
the only options i can think of would be some kind of github action that uses railway up or disconnect the service from the branch and use cmd / ctrl + k -> Deploy latest commit and that will deploy from the main branch


Hi! My railway account is banned bcs i deleted and re-created the same account to get the free trial. I am a student, that's why i'm looking for a free one, i do not know if it will make my account's banned. May you help me to re-open the banned, please? i'd pretty sure i will pay and upgrade to hobby or pro. I need it cause i have to deploy my thesis website, i will be final thesis exam soon. Would you mind to help me soon? I have already contact you by email (team@railway.app) and discussion...
just spoke with the team about this, but unfortunately they cannot lift the ban, you were multi-accounting on the trial plan and that is a clear violation of the fair use policy under trial plan abuse - https://railway.app/legal/fair-use

Degraded deploy speeds?

Has anyone noticed deploys are going out pretty slow? I'm deploying vanilla Go servers, no docker or special NIX dependencies required, but I'm seeing deploy times up to several minutes. Sometimes they go by quickly, <1 minute, and sometimes it takes several minutes per deploy. If an admin sees this, here is a relevant build: https://railway.app/project/b508b3ae-a488-4863-a24f-3990f5b88fb3/service/78a4c936-e42e-48be-9966-f5ba72a9b7db?id=54363a84-2429-4ab7-843d-150971d5699c It's the container step that's taking much longer that I'm used to....
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Node Memory and CPU Usage is low

I have a node instance that I'm running with tsx / node commands. I notice the job is slower when run on Railway than when on my local machine. Yet, the Railway memory and CPU usage are very low. How can I have the job use more CPU and memory on Railway?