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How can I read my variable in Railway itself? For example, I have the RAILWAY_REPLICA_ID, but it shows as empty when I use console.log." { REPLICA_ID: undefined, SERVICE_ID: undefined } console.log({ REPLICA_ID: process.env.RAILWAY_REPLICA_ID, SERVICE_ID: process.env.RAILWAY_SERVICE_ID,...

Port not detected for template project

Currently testing out a template I made, and an issue I noticed is that the services aren't properly exposed by default, presumably because Railway can't detect the port. I have to remove the domain and re-add it, at which point the port is properly detected. Are there any workarounds to this or potentially plans to support port detection for templates?
your apps in the templates should be configured to listen on the PORT environment variable

Dashboard is broken

I can't do anything, what the heck is going on
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set timeout to up project empyty

i had a some error to up my project in railway
sorry man , it is a probleam with my network
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deploy template api

Hi everyone! I'm attempting to use a template via the API, but am running into some issues. Firstly, i (for some reason) need to pass in the entire template data when publishing a template, while the templateid is sent along with the request? thats kinda weird. Also, i filled out the entire request, only to get a vague "Failed to process request" error. Any ideas?...

transfer all data

How do I transfer all the data from one railway database to another?

Deployment shows as Removed but is still running

Project: b8b10332-30c2-4b72-8999-78c69ddcd63a Service: afdb8def-13c6-4650-af4e-ef60d2009b56 Deployment: afca03ba-5ae4-4816-b8eb-691765262734 This project is a Discord bot. Something got messed up when trying to update it today. The dashboard shows he aforementioned deployment as offline, however the value of process.env.RAILWAY_DEPLOYMENT_ID is this deployment. I can also console.log things and they show on the dashboard in realtime. There was a "Remove" button in the deployment menu, but clicking it did nothing and now it's not there anymore. Running process.exit(1) just restarts the process. How can I get this off?...
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Confirmed that it has been removed.
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project id: 1971e1a2-608a-41cc-88bf-6980e99ce984

Deployment crash for basic ejs app. Logs show problem with mongo database.
please review your mongodb client to make sure you are creating a client with the correct credentials as per mongo's syntax for the client initiator

Python dependencies installed but not copied due to `Text file busy: '/opt/venv/bin/python'`

I just created a new Python service to test so it is very light weight. In the service's Settings > Custom Build Command I have pip install -r requirements.txt which I think is pretty standard. However I am seeing the following in the build log and failing. Installation of the dependencies all complete properly, it's just the step after that is failing....
It looks like you are using nixpacks? Why do you have custom build command? NIxpacks should find the requirements file and instal for you. Can you send the top of the logs? So I can see what the different build steps are?
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Upgrade personal billing

Hey guys, I have a bunch of services running on my personal hobby plan account. I'd like to upgrade this to another tier but it seems to be forcing me to create a team - is there anything I can do to upgrade my personal account?
The next tier from a personal account is the team account

High RAM usage

Hello. So i have a project where 3 similar bots are deployed. First two use acceptable amount of resources. But the last uses as much resources as those first 2. Im talking about ram + cpu. Is there anyway i can lower consumption of these resources. If so, how? Actually i would like to lower resources usage for all bots, since my billing is too high for me. I heard something about development server and that it uses more resources. Could you please share some information related to this. Thanks!

Why does publishing my image take forever

All my builds on Railway take ❤️ minutes. Publishing the image, however takes 10-15 minutes. Why is this happening and how do I speed it up?...
you can speed it up by lowering your image size

Parseable Template Issue

Hi guys, im trying to deploy the Parseable template (https://railway.app/template/h_WWDP) however im running into a few issues that i cant seem to replicate locally. I've attached screenshots of the build and deploy logs. Thanks in advance!...
reverting to parseable/parseable:v1.2.0 fixes this
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Railway blocks our puppeteer from running - they do this because apparently it is like for bot-protection or something? it is a known limitation of Render/Railway They basically dont allow --cap-add...
they do not block puppeteer itself at all

Container failed to start issue

Every time I try to deploy an application, I run into an issue where the platform gives me the error "Container failed to start" and "Failed to start deployment." without anymore details.

Connecting a Websocket over a Caddy Proxy returns 405 Method Not Allowed with a POST call

hey folks, Im newer to websocket integration so bear with me. I have a spring boot project connecting to a websocket using sockjs-client from my react front end and connecting to a STOMP entrypoint on the spring boot backend. Locally, this works great. However, I am getting a 405 method not allowed when connecting to out railway project. We are using Caddy Proxy to create a proxied URL so this may have something to do with it although Im not sure.
my react call is: let sock = new SockJS('ws');...

Container failed to start

Failed to create deployment on both GitHub package images in project
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Question about how to properly end a railway deployment.

I have a nodejs runtime that is running as a deployment, but after it finishes executing the deployment is still active. It is also still using memory i think. Is there a good way to make sure its not running? Logs say "container event container died" but i want to make sure its not charging me.
a surefire way to know would be to look for a container event log -
container event container died
container event container died
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