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SSF & Swipefy for Spotify (prev. Spotistats) is a mobile application for Spotify statistics, this is the official Discord server!


Swipefy by

Swipefy is the new mobile app by for personalized music recommendations! It was released on the 1st of July! News / Announcements: #swipefy-news Support: #swipefy-support ...

How to claim the Plus/Pro role?!

Learn below how to claim the new golden Plus or the purple Swipefy Pro role on this server. If you still got the old Plus role, you can also update to the new linked Plus role with this guide!...

My app is still in free mode after Plus purchase | Plus purchase not working

If you just bought Plus and your app is sill in free mode, your payment might still be pending. In case you're sure that the purchase was completed successfully, please try to press Restore Purchases in the app settings. If that doesn't work, try to log out from the app and back in, then restoring the purchase again! For further troubleshooting with the purchase, check the following article: ...

Customisation of your app & profile

The app offers various ways to personalise the app and your profile via the settings. Find out more below!...

Support for other music streaming services (e.g. Apple Music)

Right now, only supports Spotify, but we are looking into supporting more streaming services. for Apple Music is currently the next one on the road map! Claim the applemusic Apple Music Private Beta role in <id:customize> for announcements and updates! A notification will be sent to everyone when any additional streaming services get supported.... beta & early access to new app features

You can join the beta on Google Play or Apple’s Testflight program. Find more info at! After joining the beta, you can get access to the beta channels by claiming the Beta Tester role in <id:customize>!...

Desktop App | Specter for

There is the official Specter by app which allows you to view all your data on a desktop device. It was developed by @Elias and is currently available for Windows & MacOS. More information can be found at If you want to stay up to date with announcements and updates for Specter, please visit For general discussion and support regarding the application, feel free to join ...
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Do we have a website?

You can access the website via Note that the web version is currently still work in progress, so some functions of the mobile app might not be available yet.

Is it possible to track my local files or podcasts?

Unfortunately, cannot record your streamed podcasts or local files, as Spotify’s API doesn’t provide any data to track these kind of streams.

Transfer of your Plus purchase

It is possible to request an one-time transfer of your Plus purchase to another Spotify account (e.g. if you created a new Spotify account) so you won't need to buy Plus again. Find more info about how you can request a Plus purchase transfer at

Daily Song Challenge | How to submit suggestions

We've been doing our daily #song-challenge event for over a year now. It is based on ideas from the community, where every user can post a song under the challenge's thread matching the topic. Currently, you can submit your own song challenge ideas using our form at Note that we will review them before adding them to our list and not necessarily select them chronologically. Check out the auto-compiled playlists of previous Challenges: Discord bot

We currently have (beta) in beta, which allows to view certain statistics here on Discord. To be able to use it, you need to link your Discord account with via Once the bot is officially released, you will be able to invite it to other servers. Any feedback on the bot? Leave a message in the following thread:

What are records?

You can earn records for being among the Top 3 listeners of an artist (Plus + import of extended streaming history required!). <:record_platinum:1027957957297717388> Platinum Record: #1 listener from an artist with a popularity of 7.5> <:record_gold:1027957834169733150> Gold Record: #1 listener from an artist <:record_silver:1027957733091184721> Silver Record: #2 listener from an artist...

Incorrect files received from Spotify | No valid .json files present in the ZIP folder

If you cannot find valid files in your downloaded ZIP file / folder, then Spotify Support has sent you the incorrect data package. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion! Sadly, this issue is occurring very often. It is still likely though that the correct, bigger data package with the extended streaming history files is still being processed. We'd recommend you to enquire the status of the request to confirm that the data is on its way. Please try one of the following options: * Check the status of the request at the Privacy section of your Spotify account ( and look if the field 'Extended Streaming history' says that the data is still being prepared. If yes, you still need to be patient until the package arrives (recommended option!)....

Contributing to the translations

The translations of the mobile app, the support articles and, the Specter for Desktop app are added by voluntarily contributors from the community. You can help with improving or adding the current translations on our Crowdin projects. All the information can be found in #translation-info. For full access to the translator channels, claim your Translator role in <id:customize>. The first point of contact for questions regarding translations is our Localisation Manager @qkeleq10 (QkeleQ10#8482)....

Inaccurate streams recording & tracking | ensure the best possible stream tracking by

This problem exists when the tracks you stream do not show up in the "Recently Played" section of the app, or show up incompletely which can lead to inaccurate stats.