Incorrect files received from Spotify | No valid .json files present in the ZIP folder

If you cannot find valid files in your downloaded ZIP file / folder, then Spotify Support has sent you the incorrect data package. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion! Sadly, this issue is occurring very often. It is still likely though that the correct, bigger data package with the extended streaming history files is still being processed. We'd recommend you to enquire the status of the request to confirm that the data is on its way. Please try one of the following options: * Check the status of the request at the Privacy section of your Spotify account ( and look if the field 'Extended Streaming history' says that the data is still being prepared. If yes, you still need to be patient until the package arrives (recommended option!). * Contact their support live chat, which can be found here and ask about the status of your Extended Streaming history data request. Do you need any more assistance with this issue? Leave a message in #statsfm-support or send a DM to our @ModMail!
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t.ill14mo ago
More details in this support article:
There are no valid files present in the files I received |
Explanation about why the valid may not be present.