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why walking not counting on pgsharp ?

When I'm using auto walk it doesn't count walk for egg and pokemon


Does it take the whole 72 hours to complete the device registration??

I need help

it keeps going on an inf loading and idk what to do
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Looking for Spoofer where I can completely be AFK

So basically I bought a broken a40 on a flea market and fixed it and now im looking for a spoofer that basically plays the game while im at work. I searched a little while and found someone posting on facebook marketplace that he sells a rooted phone with linage os and a spoofer that basically fills my description. Any idea what the name is? While im at it, surely a rooted android is the safest way to spoof right? Thanks in advance...
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does Pokémon go do ip bans

I’ve been banned twice on my main acc and once on my second acc I wanna make a new acc an spoof but scared I might get ip banned

Login issues

Hello, yesterday an update popped up for PGSharp, i tried playing today and the game is stuck on the loading screen. Ive tried uninstalling and installing but no luck, anyone knows a fix?...
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unable to install

I’ve installed signulous profile on my iPad. Then, I went to the App Library and installed ipogo, and it won’t install. I used to spoof before, and it was a simple install.


I'm new here and using the IAnyGo. I just teleported and waited out the cool, and it says Failed To Detect Location 12. What do I do about that?

Cannot catch in PGSharp

Hi, there. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem as me and has any tips? I tried to use PGSharp again to catch a Ditto to finish my two quests. But, it seems to not allow me to catch any pokemon as they keep breaking free. Another issue is that when I tried to spin pokestop or gym, I received nothing. Can anyone help?...

spoofing question

Is it possible to emulate an android device on windows and use that emulated version of android to spoof with the windows tethering method, is this just as safe as doing it on an actual android device (99% safe)

Can I spoof in iphone 15?

In case I can, how do I?

“official” dopamine2.0 website down?

Trying to Jailbreak for the first time but the dopamine website seems to be down. Anyone know better than I?
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Error 12

Does IAnyGo tethering issue only happens in IOS or also happening in Android? I encountered this issue in Android phone.

Game crashing / closing after 10 sec

Since the last 2 pg sharp versions, it keeps crashing for me after around 10 seconds. Yes playstore is disabled and I got chrome + use ptc. I got 32gb ddr5 memory, windows 11, an i7 with 20 cores and a good graphic card, so idk what the cause of the problem could be (it works for others). Did anyone fix it and could help out?

I need help

I’ve been trying to download it again and it said my phone isn’t compatible

i dont see any pokemon's and i cant do raid

hello i have little problem (only on 1 acc) and i cant caught any pokemon's (i dont see them in game) im use mumu emulator + pgsharp

Seller hasn’t messaged backk

was trying to get services 2 days prior to community day, never got a message back still. anyone has suggestions to get sellers to message back for inquiries/services?

login error

I am getting the message "login error:close and retry" for like 30th time in a row after closing and retrying I am on Android unrooted version 12.5(latest version for ipogo) ...

I think I got shadow banned, needs help to fix (pgsharp)

My thing on the bottom (check image) remains blank and won't spawn any pokemon. When I try to join a raid the UI just blanks and I can only see the timer, and it won't let me leave the raid. My alt account loads everything normally...
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