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How to snipe raid.


help me with fixing this error. It shows up after i write my password and click ok. PLEASE HELP
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Look at the picture
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Facebook login and GPS not working

Hello, for two days now I have had troubles with GPS signal not found (11). Now I also have issues with my facebook not connecting to my account. Anyone knows how to fix this? Also for some reason I cannot add a picture....
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problem installing ipogo

doesnt install ipogo,help
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Whats the best way to fully jailbreak iphone 6s ios 15.6 to use ipogo?

I have an extra iphone just laying around with ios 15.6 that I'm trying to jailbreak. Any tips for this? Don't care if I need to reset it since I have nothing on it. I have been searching on YouTube but wanted to see what you guys thought.

ban waves

Are there ban waves going on right now?

VIP Co Ords?

If I bought VIP would I be guaranteed co ords to said pokemon in Gen 5? I need Larvesta and Volcorana to complete my poke dex Please help....
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Crash When I launch with my account POKEMON TRAINER CLUB

Hello Guys, When I use PGSHARP and use the login "POKEMON TRAINER CLUB" my game crash instantly - support use : MuMu Emulator ...
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DFDemonic (FTA)11/22/2023

Need Help for XL candy

What is best way to farm XL candy? (I am using pg sharp for spoof)

My Location is Not loading

I dont know why maybe i get softbanned but the softban is max 2hours and i spoof Yesterday pls Help someone 😐
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hyper V

Hey so I got a new computer and when I try to load up MuMu it says I need to disable Hyper V, I click to turn it off and then restart my computer. The issue is after my computer restarts, it still has that pop up. I’ve tried to do it my self but I can’t find hyper V manually. Any suggestion?

gpn shark

Hey guys, i have see a vidéo on YouTube of a guys ta téléport 3 Time to a pokemon instantly and he captured them how he do that because when i fly i have cooldown

iOS spoofer

Dose any one know what spoofer I can use on iOS that won’t get me banned overnight? I can include a pc if needed.

unable to authenticate

How to fix???
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DZDer Zwilling11/19/2023

I was banned and now have a 30 ban

is there any solution for this?


How do i avoid a strike.
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does interact with your buddy trigger cooldown taking photos giving it berries etc