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not getting best friend raid ball bonus???

Anyone else having this issue? I’m not getting the +4 balls for raiding with best friend, after the raid is completed and it shows the balls it’s not showing best friend on one side, but the other side gets the +4 raid balls best friend bonus…

Buying Android

I’m looking into getting an android device (probably a pixel 6 or 7) from online and I see some that are unlocked, some don’t say unlocked, and some that are already rooted with iPogo and gps joystick already installed. I have no experience rooting or with android devices in general so do you recommend I get already rooted and iPogo installed or just an unlocked phone and try the rooting on my own.

ipogo signulous new

does it really take 72 hours for signulous to process my device? or can it be nkt that long?

weird trading terms pls help me

I have no idea what all these trading terms mean like what is the difference between registered and unregistered pokemon

Does rooted Android Pixel 5a with with UnicTool TailorGo software on the PC?

I haven't been able to spoof since error 12 hit the iOS devices. Going to get an Android in a couple of days that I can root.

Infinite loading

Guys i have infinite loading screen how can i fix?

raids Not working

Whenever i Join a RAID i can Play normally and select my pokemons but as soon as the actual Fight Starts it says walk closer to the Arena please help

im too far away from the RAID

IT says that ibhave tobget closer tobthe RAID even when im directly inside It when i start to Fight a RAID Boss. (With ipogo)


Is ianygo still not working properly? I known since niantic updated their location services that it hasn’t been working

Spoofing detectable ?

Recently I’ve gotten suspended and gotten a strike by using ipogo I used to use it and it never happened not sure why it’s happening now

Just a general question

If let’s say I have a shiny eevee, would a shiny event eevee trade count as registered?

Shadow Ban???

Dose anyone know why I can’t see any Pokémon and I can’t view my friends list???

Can't Login on PGS

It's been a while since I've been able to play with PGSharp because I can't login When I try to log in with Facebook, the screen goes black and never loads into the game I already tried installing PGSharp on BlueStacks on PC but almost the same thing happens, the only difference is that it keeps loading infinitely and never starts the game...

offered a free trade in exchange for joining a server

“No Selling/Promoting/Advertising - Never send invite links to other servers or offers to sell Pokémon or accounts in direct messages. Report to our moderators if you receive any.” This is my report that I’ve received one. It seemed super sketchy and I wanted to let you know....
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location issue?

Howdy, I've had a BIG problem since May 4th. Every time I log into my account, no pokestops, gyms or pokemons show up. I log on other accounts from my phone and on the others everything worked. when I want to use daily incest its shows me "Failed to detect location (13)". It definitely can't be a GPS problem because other accounts work without problems. I can use other things, such as receiving gifts or hatching eggs. In 2 days it will be a month since I received the issue. Its just happend thro...
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Question about teleporting

Does the cooldown apply to catching pokemon as well or just for spinning stops and interacting with gyms?

Teetering method not working anymore

Months ago, teetering method works but now it says failed to detect location.

how to fix this

how do i fix integity not being verified?
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