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pg sharp keeps crashing(play store disabled, main browser disabled)

Application keeps crashing within 10 seconds of loading into game any suggestions?

Avatar clothes bugging out

When I hop on my tablet to spoof all the clothes I bought gets removed it says I need to buy it again but when I hop back on my phone were I mainly play it all my clothes is back anyone know why?

Infinite Loading Screen After Login (MuMu, BlueStacks)

I tried logging in with google and ptc, nothing works.
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Hi, So I use iAnyGo and now I am having a problem. I try to turn of "Select mock location app", the iAnyGo stop working. How to disable and iAnyGo can still work?
HHollyberry ♥4/11/2024

GeoPort Errno 11001

I downloaded GeoPort and connected my device to it with my PC. The website says I am connected and when I try to change locations it says it was successful when it wasn’t. When I open the separate window for GeoPort I get this error message
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Go Fest In person Pass

what do the in person passes for go fest give cause 30 bucks for a few hours is diabolical

Xiaomi Phones Can't install iPogo anymore

It says This app is not compatible with your system, but i have the newest Xiaomi 14 Pro, I used to be able to install it the previous version, now it's impossible, it's so sad i have to move to its competitor, PGSHARP.

MUMU + PGS not Authenticating on ARM64

I've been reading around it i read its now advised to disable google playstore - which ive done. ive followed all of the steps on authentication yet amd still getting the message. the latest arm64 version worked yesterday and now its not. Is this an issue with PGS having some sort of maintenance?
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Pokemon not spawning

I’m assuming I triggered some kind of ban. I spoofed my way to pier 39 in San Francisco. I already leveled the account up to level 30 so if I can get it back any way I’d like to try. I can still spin Pokestops and I get the occasional spawn with my incense but it’s nothing like yesterday where I was having tons of spawns in the same spot. This is my second account my first one got banned so I was careful to follow cooldown timers to best of my ability.
TFToji Fushiguro4/8/2024



pokemon trainer club cant load

this appears to me when i try to log in with pokemon trainer club

Infinite loading screen

I've tried the 64 version and the past one of pgsharp on mumu emulator but when i log in the load screen stays infinite

PG sharp feeds

As of today, my feeds don't seem to be working right. My Nearby radar works just fine, but the quick snipe feeds aren't loading anything up no matter what settings I put them at. I'm using the latest update on android *Did some more testing, they don't work with anything within 5 miles or so. It's so weird....

pogo compatible with Samsung s8-s9 ?

Hi I currently have rooted s23, as I'm root I can't use the store. Can you run pogo legitimate app on samsung s8 or 9 Tia...

Cant know how to connect

I dont know how to connect or link this acount with pokemon go 🤔 i dont get answer in chat so do here


So I tried out geoport on Mac for the first time and it worked but when I tried to catch Pokémon’s they instantly ran away after throwing one ball at it. I stopped using it and I was able to catch them at my normal location anyone know how to fix it


might be just me, but for some reason the channel zaragoza hundo hasn’t updated since 11 today, is this a bug or just me? every other hundo channel seems normal so idk what’s wrong

New update

Currently 11.6 ipogi apk is outdated based on 3.0.5 and current version is 3.0.7 at playstore it was working yesterday now it says update to continue

Pg sharp on mumu6 not working

I got the new pgsharp update and when i log into google it loads for a bit then just goes back to this page, it keeps looping
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