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Two navigation badges

Dear all, is possible to set two navigation badges for resource in sidebar panel ?

Wizard in Resource

is it possible to persist step in query string like in normal Wizard Create Page? something like this from the docs:
// ...
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Problem with Custom Component Changes from the Light theme for Dark

Hello guys, I created a custom component, however, when I enter the screen that it is added. The theme changes the mode for Dark, as you can see in the video. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any tips on how to solve?

Hi guys πŸ‘‹I want to make cascade drop down list from database or api dynamicaly in filamentphp

Hi guys πŸ‘‹ I want to make cascade drop down list from database or api dynamically in filamentphp Anyone has any idea how...

How to apply current filters to Columns using summaries?

HI there, I am using sum() on TextColumn and Filter on relationships. But it seems the sum columns are not scoped by the filter? Is there any solution to this? I can't find a hint in the documentation. Appreciate your help. Thanks...

Can i use Hooks in Relationship manager resources

is there any method to use hooks like aftereCreate In relationship manger resources

MULTITENANCY with subdomain routing for tenant

hi im new to multitenancy and stuff and trying to figure out how to do it , one thing in my mind is now how do i setup things in the server side if im using ubuntu with LAMP or LEMP which is recommended? and or if im using cpanel

translate notifications

i send notification to user with this code ``` Notification::make() ->title(('repair.status_change')) ->body(('repair.status_change_body_customer', [...

Why repeater data does not included in mutateFormDataBeforeCreate() function?

How do I access repeater data from the CreateInvoice Pages? It gave me this error: ```php...

Image not show in view and edit form

Hello all, Please I need your support to solve this issue, I have a resource class (Project resource) and the form include image, it works correctly when add new project but in view and edit it appear like this: and I run php artisan storage:link command and I store the images in storage/app/public path. You can find the code here:...
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Is Spatie Translatable plugin compatible with filament custom pages?

When I try to fill the form with the translated json data on my custom page, it dumps all of the json in my input field. As you can see in the picture, I'm trying to use it as I would in a resource....
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Layout Question

Hi Guys I would appreciate any assistance with this layout issue I am having. I have a table that I am making mobile friendly....

False/Null value not inside getState

In v2 the Form State of a toggle send also a false/null state inside the getState() function. In v3 they don't - is it possible to change inside the global form component settings? The Form field is disabled based on a condition....

Dynamically redirecting homepage

Hi I want to redirect (or replace) the homepage (dashboard) to a category based on available categories for a user. Right now I created a new panel on / which redirects on mount. However, I feel like there should be a better way. Any hints are welcome....

Notification not working

Hi all, I want to use the filament notification in my webshop using JS I also use the Filament panel for my admin panel. I have followed the installation guide (for the notifications) but the notification aren't working. ...
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Wizard Form display a modal after submit instead a redirect

Hello all ! I made a 5-step Wizard form that works well. I used the mutateFormDataBeforeCreate() and handleRecordCreation() methods in the Creation Class. Furthermore, I also used the ->submitAction() method to render a custom button. Everything works fine for creation and when the form is submitted and everything works, I'm redirected to the resource view page....

Route and livewire pages display error

In my app i have a page with a livewire component ``` <x-filament-panels::page> @livewire('list-my-repairs') </x-filament-panels::page>...

ToggleButtons problem can anyone check if the multiple option is still working?

If you create a simple ToggleButtons field like this ```PHP Forms\Components\ToggleButtons::make('test') ->multiple()...

custom widgets

Hi all! I'm trying to build a custom widget which contains, for each Center, each groups with info. I'm not sure I'm doing it right... ```php class AvailableSlotsStats extends BaseWidget...
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Filter button placement?

Is it possible to move the filter button to be next to the column button? It's wasting a whole row of space for no reason
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