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Create filament admin via seed?

Hi, it gets annoying making a new filament user every time I do a migrate fresh, is there a way to create on the fly with a seeder? Thanks
As Leandro pointed out: Locally you can just run a Seeder. If you want to same for produciton, I created a package some time ago to create "database states" which always seed after migration:

Table Builder update data using Livewire 3

I am trying to update the information of a Table, from another table doing a dispatch the information arrives correctly to showCollegeList, but the resetTable is not done, that is to say, the query is not updated. <?php namespace App\Livewire\Insights; use App\Models\CollegeList as CollegeListModel;...

Repeater default items not working in cluster

I have it set to default 1 I think because I have this mount it's not setting it to 1, can I force it to display all fields: ``` public function mount(): void { $this->record = Config::firstOrNew([...

searching in description

This was working fine in v2 but in v3 I get error Tables\Columns\TextColumn::make('VariantProduct.product_name') ->label('Proizvod / Kategorija') ->description(fn ($record): string => $record->VariantCategory->category_name ?? '')...

setting default active tab when testing

I have a simple resource which has a default active tab that is not "all", is it possible to set a default active tab when testing? something like
livewire(ManageXXX::class)->set('defaultActiveTab', 'yyy')
livewire(ManageXXX::class)->set('defaultActiveTab', 'yyy')
would be nice...
->set('activeTab', 'your_status')
->set('activeTab', 'your_status')

How to input multiple rows at once?

I made an repeater in a custom front-end view using JS, it actually is working fine, tho I need a way to make the form get every input and receive it on a Panel as multiple rows So, if user wants to send multiple rows at the same time he can. I need to create an form that user can add multiple hangtags from the same marketplaces at once...

How do I get the index of the current TextInput inside a simple Repeater?

I have a simple repeater, inside it is a TextInput. I just want to get the index of the current TextInput so that I can show it as the prefix. Maybe something like, ``` Repeater::make('scores') ->simple(...

Filament Register Redirect

I currently have a custom registration page where users are automatically logged in but directed to the wrong panel. Can we redirect them to the correct panel (/customer)?

whereHas() query doesn't accept variables when filtering.

So here's my code: ```php Section::make('Stadijas') ->schema([ Wizard::make([...

Modal on action

Action::make('refund') ->label(' Refund') ->requiresConfirmation() ->action(function ($record) { if ($paymentGateway == 'Payment Terminals') {...

Get the active tenant id

I have an action of removing a user in a company how can I get the active company Id of the login user
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Table display via card or similar

Hello everyone, I'm using a MapTableWidget component in my frontend theme for users, to display the table of the created models I'm using this function: ` protected function getTableColumns(): array {...

Fill custom edit page form with data

``` <?php namespace App\Filament\Resources\LearningCategoryResource\Pages; use Filament\Forms\Form;...
You can access your form using the mount() method. From there, you should be able to fill the fields with your record in this way: ``` public function mount(int | string $record): void {...

How do i change my Heading Title?

I'm using filament-resources to build this but i don't know how to change the heading title. could anyone help, it rrly bothers me 🙂
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Attached user to a tenant

I have a admin panel, how can I attached the selected company to a user after creating it?
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I have a problem with a slow project on Local. I cleared my cache but it is still slow

How to get value of other TextEntry inside RepeatableEntry?

``` RepeatableEntry::make('properties') ->schema([ Grid::make(2) ->schema([...

Relation manager custom action + Spatie media library plugin

Hello everyone, i have a relation manager which has a custom action in its $table - ```php Action::make('bom') ->model(Bom::class)...

Two tables in a custom page

I have made a custom page and render a table there, but i want to display two tables side by side. The two tables are from the same database with different condition. Is there a way to do it.

Access filter options in resource static method

I have dynamic columns for a json field meaning i have json records stored in a db and the columns to display the values from the json record are stored as json paths in another table. How do i get the value of the table filters in the static table method? ...