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Unable to run db push because of introspected inconsistencies with supabase

Hi, I'm working with a postgres database on supabase. After running db pull with a multischema setup (public+auth), I ultimately reverted back to a simple public access and removed all the introspected tables from my schema.prisma. Currently my schema contains a single table unrelated to supabase. I'm trying to db push it but I get an error as follows: ``` Error: P4002 ...

i am unable to run prisma migrate

cannot able to run prisma migrate with supabase ?

Ordering of createMany items

When you use the create method and include a createMany, does Prisma guarantee the ordering of the items created? Or can they get created out of order? Eg. given the following: ```...

Error: cannot find module ‘.prisma/client/index’

Im having literally the same issue as this Im running node 18, prisma 5.6.0 The only difference is that Im not using Vercel, but rather a self hosted kubernetes using rancher....

Export client types in custom package

Hi, Actually I have a project in a monorepo, with a app/ folder and api/ folder. My API folder contain a node project that runs a web server, and also contains my prisma install. Now that i'm setting up the front, I would like to use the sames types as my back, but can't see a good solution to to that....

typescript server not working after installing @prisma/client

``` { "name": "next-template", "version": "0.0.2", "private": true,...

Tips on designing this recursive database model

In my Twitter clone, a post sometimes needs to be displayed by itself, and sometimes together with its parent post. I do this by including the replyToPost in the query. But every post can also be a repost of another post, so both the post and the ´replyToPost need to include a potential repostOfPost`....
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how to make fields selection mandatory?

Currently, both select and include are optional fields, more of that it's possible to pass just true, without specifying every field: ```{ data: ... include: {...

Hosting Typescript Express Server with Prisma on Vercel

I have hosted Express Server (Javascript) with Prisma on Vercel and it is working perfectly. Now I have a app on Typescript. As Vercel only works with Js files I have used build file. So, My question is how to include the prism generate file inside the /dist folder as when building with

rimraf dist && tsc

rimraf dist && tsc

Connection Pooling issues with Azure SQL

I continue to see issues in our error logs in production with prisma using Azure SQL:
Timed out fetching a new connection from the connection pool. More info: (Current connection pool timeout: 10, connection limit: 3)
Timed out fetching a new connection from the connection pool. More info: (Current connection pool timeout: 10, connection limit: 3)


Hi everyone, I am running a Prisma app with Docker and getting this error when the container runs: ``` PrismaClientInitializationError: Prisma Client could not locate the Query Engine for runtime "linux-musl-openssl-3.0.x". This happened because Prisma Client was generated for "darwin", but the actual deployment required "linux-musl-openssl-3.0.x"....

How to add new schema with multiSchema feature without database reset

When adding a new empty schema to out prisma.schema migration detects a drift and asks us to drop the database even though nothing else has changed. How can I add a new empty schema without dropping all the data? ``` generator client { provider = "prisma-client-js"...

Setting up SafeQL for Prisma

I need help in setting up SafeQL for Prisma. I can't correctly configure my eslint.config and tsconfig. This is my eslint.config.mjs right now: ```js import tseslint from 'typescript-eslint'; import safeql from '@ts-safeql/eslint-plugin/config'; ...

too many db connections on Prisma Accelerate

Hello! hope you are all well. I am using prisma accelerate to avoid this issue, but funny enough im running into it now im using accelerate (wasnt before i switch to prisma accelerate, (all just dev, not production yet)) ...
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Failing to write raw query

Hi, I have a (working) raw query that I want to run with prisma but I can't find how to do so and I'm a bit confused as to how I can approach this. For simplicity's sake, my query can be reduced to: ...

Is there an option to turn off the dataloader query optimization?

We recently ran into an issue where the dataloader (described here: caused queries to be constructed in a way that were extremely inefficient, when combined with a count of a relation. Is there any way to turn this functionality off?

Update column type without losing data

I have a column of type int and I need to migrate that to bigint. If i change the column type in the prisma schema and run npx prisma migrate dev --name change-type it wants to reset the public schema. I don't want to lose all the data so what's the proper way of doing this?

Multiple schema - node_modules - prisma client

Hello, I have one monorepository with the following structure : /src...

Getting total count of records with one Query

Is it possible to get a _count of all records when doing a .findMany() query, without having to do a second .count() query? I know it works for relationships, but I dont know how it works for simple queries....

Problems regarding new feature (v5.15.0)

I got this error when I put schema.prisma in the same folder as subschemas. Following this guide :
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