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What’s the correct way to setup simple node+typescript app in turborepo?

Hello, I’m working on a Next project that needs a websocket server for some realtime features. I’m having trouble with setting up build process for the node server inside turborepo. Scenario While the project is a bit more complicated, I’ll use a realtime chat as an example of a feature I want to build for simplicity. ...

Module build failed: UnhandledSchemeError:Reading from "cloudflare:sockets" is not handled by plugin

I am using drizzle + postgresql + nextauth . what can I do to fix this error? The app was working fine before adding nextauth beta version...
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Hitting request timeout on Vercel but function is expected to be slow

I have a service running on GCP that does some really slow web crawling stuff and I keep hitting the request timeout in Vercel. The request could take potentially up to 30min. What are some patterns/tools here that I can explore?

Best practices for rendering the version of your app

I have a React-TypeScript web app in which I'd like to render the current version at the top of the home page. What I'm thinking is that I could have a version.ts file with this:
export const APP_VERSION = "1.0.0"
export const APP_VERSION = "1.0.0"
and then when I make a commit, I increase that number. But I've never seen this being done in real world open source github projects. What's the best approach here?
Bump on CI and get value on build

UploadThing randomly started failing this morning

Is anyone else experiencing something similar? I first noticed in my staging environment while testing. @uploadthing/react components are getting stuck in an infinite loading loop, the server kept pinging back "still uploading" or something like that. I can't get back to it now. Went down a small rabbit hole and am seeing the same error consistently across all my builds. I tried to redeploy the last successful build on Vercel (4 days ago) and it failed with the same error....
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T3 Middleware

Hello there, I was wondering if it is possible to use middleware.ts using the t3 stack (NextJS, tRPC, Drizzle and AuthJS v4). There are two session strategies, database sessions (t3 default) and JWT sessions. I read a lot and saw some videos but still not sure if it is possible. Maybe with the AuthJS v5 something change or idk....

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Call for Aid in the Realm of Codecraft: The Tale of the Missing Styles

Hello everyone, I'm working on creating an NPM package using Vite with React in library mode. I've configured Tailwind CSS in the package and added a few custom CSS classes. Everything seems to work fine when I run the project locally. However, when I publish the NPM package and install it in a new project, I run into an issue. The styles defined in the tailwind.css file are applied correctly to the components. But the Tailwind classes used directly within my SpaceButton.tsx component are not working at all....

Recommended way to prettyprint tRPC errors

Do you all have any preffered way/function to pretty print tRPC errors like zod?

What NoSQL databases are actually good?

As I understand, MongoDB is not rly a good idea due to scaling reasons (maybe others idk) I asked an AI and it answered this, what do you think?...
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How T3Stack env.js actually works?

I'm trying to figure out what kind of black magic that createEnv function does behind the curtains, when I'm running my application. The reason is that I'm having seed.ts at the root of my project, which I'm using to seed the database, by calling tsx seed.ts. Problem is, that if I import env.js into that seeder-file, it does not have env variables available. Same thing when I'm trying to call Encryption.encrypt() method from one of my lib-files, to encrypt some data, and that lib-file imports env.js, I get error that environmental variable are not set. Should I somehow load the .env file manually on tsx call, or what might I be missing?...

In Nextjs how do you set serachParams in middleware ?

currently in my middleware im trying to add a user agent viewport serachParam to requests as seen in the nextjs docs here : , however supabase my auth provider also has middleware to validate cookies seen here :, is it possible to merge these two and have a response return with my serachParams
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Throttling calls to a server function in NextJS

I have a server function that can poll if a long-running event (Ethereum transaction being mined) has completed yet. The actual request checking the blockchain is obviously also async and can take a second or two. If someone hits the page when the transaction result hasn't already been stored in the db, their client will start calling a function on the server to check the status and update the db on success....

Frontend Design

Anyone has recommendations for resources on frontend design? eg when and how to sepearate different components, passing of data between components, where should data be fetched (page vs component) etc

Is there a way to turn of this prisma spam?

```ts atabase:db:generate: database:db:generate: Start using Prisma Client in Node.js (See: database:db:generate: database:db:generate: import { PrismaClient } from '@prisma/client'...

React vs. Native Web Components

I'm a noob to the channel so digitally 👊 me if this is covered-ground. I have resisted learning FE frameworks like React in the hopes that native APIs (read web components) will reach a maturity where we won't need the additional mental/boilerplate overhead. From those with exp, are we getting close in 2024 or is React still light years ahead of native web components? I have perused things like StencilJs but haven't dove in too deeply....

Post Quantum Encryption

Does somebody here knows a good library to use if you want post quantum encryption for your messaging app? I looked at libsignal, the implementation from signal of the signal protocol but it seems like it's only providing the frontend functions for typescript and it's only designed for the use inside signal...

No env variables found with turbo v2.0.4 with t3-app

Everytime it builds it gives these errors: ``` web:build: $ next build web:build: :x: Invalid environment variables: {...
adding it to the start script as well fixed it

Got error while signin

Hello these are the packages I am using 1. Trpc 2. Next Auth 3. Drizzle 4. PostgreSQL...

How does the cli works

Hello I want to customize the t3 app a little, so I want to make changes in cli too.