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Animating a background moving between grid elements

I made this simple switch but I wanna animate the background moving from left to right instead of having it disappear and reappear. Right now the background is just a css class applied when the item is active, but I was thinking of creating a grid item that overlaps the other two with the same width to achieve this. Couldn't get it working though, any tips on how I can do this? This is my current component ```html...

Is Theo's new tutorial any good for a Vue Dev?

Truth be told I have never touched React or any .tsx before. However I have been doing vue for the last 5 years or so. So yeah should I look into other things first or just jump in the deep end with the video?...
If you know enough Javascript, look into to learn the basic hooks and get to know that "mental model". In less than two days, you should be ready for Theo's tutorial IMO...

Email exist verification

does anyone knows a way to verify if an email exists? like is there such a package or services with API provided? lots of package i found but not really being maintained anymore since years ago 🙏

Issues with Clerk and Unit testing

I am working on a project for work and we have a strict requirement for unit tests. I decided to go with Vitest and we're using Clerk for auth. I ran into two different issues and I'm not sure which path is easier to solve. When I run the test (one so far) using the render method from @testing-library/react I get an error that "AuthContext not found". That made sense so I used a pattern I've used elsewhere of making a wrapper for render that wraps all children in a ClerkProvider. When I do that I get a new error that says ClerkProvider.js 2 seems to be an ES Module but shipped in a CommonJS package. You might want to create an issue to the package "@clerk/nextjs" asking them to ship the file in .mjs extension or add "type": "module" in their package.json. I'm unsure how to proceed as the only issue I currently have with Clerk is that they have zero guidance on how to set up any tests within the auth context. Hoping someone has encountered this and has a pointer towards a solve....
SOLVED: After talking with Clerk it seems that two things were necessary. I needed to use the require syntax to import the Clerk provider in my wrapper, and I needed to pull in the AppRouterContext as well.

Drizzle + SQLite updated at field

Is the only way to have an updated at field in SQLite just setting the updated at by hand on each update? And if so what is the best solution for it in Drizzle? Can you just set
as a value?

How can I replicate the vanilla behavior of NextJS API routing in T3 stack?

I am currently working on a project in which i would like to have my server side requests to an endpoint that is not on my local host using axios and REST. Currently, I am placing my server side requests to the endpoint at src/pages/api/locations/route.ts, and the client side consumer at src/pages/fakerequest/index.tsx. The problem I am facing is a 404 when the client tries to fetch data from my serverside request, I tried consuming this on Postman but i get the same 404 error. I have read the documentation regarding project structure but I don't understand this particular issue considering my authentication routing works, i hope someone can help me with this please! Here is the relevant code:
PMPablo M4/15/2024

this works but nope?

I'm new to Suspense, this works great but I get the error: Did you forget to use 'await'? It works, it shows the loading state when I press the button but I get this error, any clue? If I add the async await it won't show the loading state....
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Micro Front End best practices

Hello! I recently landed a job within a stack centered around micro front ends (react + node), which is a new realm for me. I've observed some user feedback regarding performance concerns. If you have any experiences, best practices, or references related to this architecture, I would be extremely grateful for your insights. Thank you very much!

Using Turso in T3-Create

Hi, I am trying to use Turso for T3. I am using drizzle. The connection .env is slightly different than expected, however, my quick tinkering failed to work. Any tips?...
NUNgọc Uy4/15/2024

No file route found for slug in deployment

This issue arose when I started my deployment on Render , which simply read as No file route found for slug messageFile The upload page worked fine in development which say it simulated a callback . The upload dropzone does upload files to uploadthing server , but stuck at loading like in the screenshot . ...
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Will server components be refeteched on mutation?

If I have a page using the server trpc and then a client component that updates the list, will the server trpc call be refreshed?
MGEMike (grind edition 💪)4/15/2024

Nextjs parallel routing questions

I have this routing setup right, ```bash { (main) { about {}...

How can I subscribe to updates in an RSS feed?

I want to subscribe to changes on a shopify store’s RSS feed for their products. It seems extremely compute intensive to fetch the rss url every second or even every hour. I know RSS feeds are meant to be subscribed to so how can I make it so that I can get a trigger and update data in my database whenever the rss feed changes? Essentially how does feedly work under the hood? Ofc I can’t use feedly itself since I need to update my db based on updates in the rss feed...

How can I configure tRPC to function as a REST API (single-route)?

I'm new to tRPC and not sure why this produces an error when an external POST request is sent to the /api/trpc/post.createExternal route. I'm trying to expose a tRPC route / procedure, so that an external service can POST to it Example POST ...

T3 Stack: tRPC not extending type definitions to client

Hey, I'm currently trying to work on getting my 'next build' script to work and ran into a bunch of issues when I'm using data from tRPC calls. The variables I'm saving the data under are not receiving the type inference benefits that I thought I would be getting with tRPC but instead being set to any type. To try and resolve this I looked into the tRPC docs and saw that you can use your root appRouter to create type inference from the subroute calls you make so I set about adding that to my ap...
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Total noob! Supabase and the t3 stack

Im really struggling with configuring my create-t3-app with supabase. Can anyone point me in the direction of a guild to help me though it?

How to exclude specific routes from Clerk middleware?

Anyone know how I can exclude the middleware from Clerk from running on my routes in folder: /api/cron? Here's the current file: ```TypeScript import { authMiddleware } from "@clerk/nextjs";...

For Sr+ Engineers: Frontend, Backend, or Full-stack?

For the engineers that have been around a while, been successful in what they started with, and started to get more opportunities. How did you navigate yourself through what you wanted to get better at as your career progressed? For example: I know some engineers who start in UI and then be moved to the backend because either that business' harder problems are in the backend and/or the manager thinks that is where the harder problems lie. (Seems to be an anitiquated belief amongst older tech managers that backend is inherently harder) Or: You start on either end of the stack and move to being more "full stack" to make yourself theoretically more flexible and definitely more valuable to smaller companies that need breadth more than they need depth....
ASAkash Sharma4/13/2024

It works locally but doesn't save to the database when deployed on Vercel.

It's working fine on my local machine, but after deploying to Vercel, it's not saving data to the database.