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Weather Widget not Working (TrueNAS Scale)

Hi Guys, I've just started playing around with Homarr and look to have everything mostly working. Have all my *arr apps, plex, qbit and plex up and running except for the weather widget which won't pull any data or find the really obscure place called "London". It's like it isn't finding the internet. Installed via truecharts with the only changes made to add in the paths for the config folders.

Full Screen / Zoom Issue

When using Homarr on a slightly zoomed Desktop or when changing from full screen to a Window the entire Interface gets messed up. Any Ideas how to fix this behaviour?

Can't set up my first integration! Sonarr not linking

Installed Homarr and trying to get a first App integrated. In this case Sonarr. I have added the app to my dashboard and selected the Sonarr integration and added the Sonarr API key as a new secret. The local and external address of the app is the address of my NAS which is hosting Sonarr in a docker container with the Sonarr port number ie When I click on the app icon in the dashboard it is opening Sonarr in a new window but with both the port number of my Synolody NAS and Sonarr ie Any clues on where I'm going wrong here? I can't find anything in the documentation / previous posts to clarify what the issue might be. Thanks...

links to docker apps dont work

ive noticed when i add docker apps/containers to homarr that the link doesnt work. the link created is http://localhost:7878/ where actually it needs to be http://omv.local:7878/, i know i can go through and maunually change them all but i was woundering if there was a way to set it to http://omv.local by default?
@matt77303 there is no way to set that by default

How to retrieve username?

I am following this guide, but the problem is I don't remember what username I had set. I recently updated Homarr and it logged me out, now I can't remember what I used to login the first time. https://homarr.dev/docs/advanced/command-line/password-recovery/...

Bad Request: 400 (denied) Jackett

Hello, I have the following problem: I added the Jackett service to my Homarr dashboard by entering the internal address and the external address http://vinxmedia:9117/UI/Dashboard. The issue is that the connection ping returns error 400 and remains red. I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas? Thank you very much.
Then just add code 400 in the app's network tab. A code 400 still means that your service is working, just that it doesn't have proper authorization. If it was down it would return a code 5xx...

Reset admin Password on Bare Metal Installation

I installed Homarr via the Proxmox VE Helper scripts and I forgot the Admin password. The problem is that its installed bare metal as service and the documentation only gives info on how to do it vie the docker cli. Is there a way to use the commands in the linux cli? Its a debian 12 lxc...
Thank you that worked

Change icon tab

Hello, I've been trying to change the tab icon for the last two hours. I've set the path to "/configs/icons/logo.png". I can change the dashboard icon and the background but not the tab icon. Did you succeed?...

Random fail after trying out oidc

I tried to set up osid with authentik but when I configured it i got the error ```Error: connect ECONNREFUSED homarr | at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1571:16) { homarr | errno: -111, homarr | code: 'ECONNREFUSED',...
https://github.com/ajnart/homarr/issues/1909 Another user had similar problems as you on reddit, this link helped them figure things out...

System info disapear after 5sec.

Hi, i use homarr on my OMV system with docker. When i add the system info widget i see the informations for round about 5 seconds and the the widget will bei white. How ca i fix this?...

using 2 different (non-cluster) proxmox servers in system health monitoring

Is it possible to use 2 different proxmox servers in system health monitoring? I tried to create categorys and seperate them in there, but it also doesnt work. It always only shows data from the first added Proxmox app in both widgets. I tried it with node names, but ig it only works when they are in a cluster, as it then shuws NaN...

Oicd groups not working

Hello. I am using oicd to connect auth to authelia. There i have groups admins and arrs. I dont really know the difference between owner and admin in homarr, but i have set arrs as admin and admins as owner. But after login, i cannot modify the dashboards, saying I do not have the persmission. Authelia config: ``` client_id: 'homarr' client_name: 'Homarr' client_secret: 'secret' public: false authorization_policy: 'two_factor' redirect_uris: - 'https://homarr.jajaa.si/api/auth/callback/oidc' scopes: - 'openid' - 'groups' - 'email'...
So, the issue with my sites was my new shiny catchall. Homarr also no longer gives group errors. It does not sill work however. I will try to reset the volume and see if that helps...

Homarr failing to update applications and widget

Since 10 April a previously functioning Homarr board now fails on trying to load on widget information either internet or locally. I'm using: Raspbian Bookworm version 12 ...
No description

Cant get to my Dashboard

Update: After I restarted Nginx it does the same thing but I get a 404 Error from Homarr so kinda a Fix

Homarr cant see qbit

Hey Everyone i recetnly installed homarr on docker and i cant see my qbit torrent or my download and upload speed on the widgets with a last install i was able to see it but now that is in a docker conatiner im unable does anyone know how to solve this issue?
just added this 2 options and the local ip
No description

none of my widgets seem to work.

I was reading on here about they need to be the same network? Im not 100% sure how to tell or make sure they are. I got the green dots working and can see them all listed in homarr. but when adding like the torrent widget nothing will load.
I was able to figuer it out seems it was a ; not : thanks! i got it though.

Slow Loading Applications & Widgets

Hey all, my Homarr seems to have developed loading times, loading has slowed down, struggling to load SOME app/widgets. The apps in question here are - Plex media stats - Media requests...

Proxmox integration setup problems

I have followed the installation, but missed out on creating a proxmox integration object on the homarr dashboard initially. After badding it, I am now getting the following error in my log. 'proxmox': Error accessing service API: ''. The following error was returned: AxiosError: Request failed with status code 401...
you should have 2 permission entries

anything else except the auth page is shown as not secure from my browsers.

Moin! I have the problem that everything else except the auth is shown as “not secure” in my browsers… I’m using nginx proxy manager. ...

Steps to backup dashboard using Unraid

Could someone please guide me on how to backup? I tried searching on Discord and docs but couldn't find specific examples. I'm using Homarr on Unraid. Thanks!