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Local files and folders

Hey, is there a way to add a path to a local folder or file as an app? I only use the dashboard on one PC and it should also display the quick links for that.

unable to log on

I have logged in and created a board. But I cant get back in. Im not sure how what my username could be as my past username is no longer working. I also cant figure out the password. I have tried creating a one time passcode. I am using a docker instance with docker-compose, and I tried to completely wipe and reinstall homarr. But im unsure of how to do that. If you have any ideas I would be super greatful...
ok so first shut down Homarr's container, then rm /home/shulfam/homarr/data/*, then double check the file is indeed deleted using ls /home/shulfam/homarr/data, and finally start the container again. go to your homarr's address and check that you get redirected to the /onboard path


What's up with Unsplash? Works for a few days, (like when an API key resets) then stops for the rest of the month, thenb starts working again at the beginning of the next month. https://source.unsplash.com/featured/?experimental,experimental

Unable to login to dash on android TV

https://streamable.com/v0nynn I can login fine on my laptop/pc with chrome, i'm using Kiwi Browser on my NVIDIA SHIELD...

Widgets move around/overlap

Since a couple of days I've had issues with setting up widgets. They start to overlap, some refreshes things work out fine. Going into edit mode snaps everything back into place. I checked console + container logs, but no indication into what's causing the behaviour....
I assume that means the issue is still present. In that case I see 2 possibilities: You may have another homarr page opened, which may be interfering a little. Your config json file is somehow botched. Maybe try making a new board and see if the issue persists there....
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How to import old configuration?

I recently updated and it had me create a user and password even though I had a password before and now I do not see any of my old dashboard and do not see any option to backup/import. So I was looking at the configuration files and the only one left from before the update is in app/data/configs. Do I just need to copy that and overwrite the ones in all the other folders or just a specific one or do something else?...
Hi, import is as simple as putting your backup files into the config folder yes. What version are you updating from?...

ProxMox Integration NaN% CPU and RAM

So an issue I am having with the proxmox integration after following this guide: https://homarr.dev/docs/integrations/hardware/ Is that the CPU is showing NaN% same for ram and non of my LXC's or VMs are showing up....
SO update: I changed the Role of everything to administrator and It fixed it.
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OIDC/Authentik configuration issues

I am having issues getting the OIDC integration working with my Authentik setup. Configurations is as follows Homarr: ``` services:...
See my edits to your config below: `services: homarr: container_name: homarr...

what am i oing wrong ?

Hi @Fabi , you miss the http:// oder https:// prefix
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Weather app

Hi I added the weather app, but it doesn't work. When I go to search my town, it says "an error occured". I have confirmed the container can resolve dns addresses. Any ideas?...

Issues with Plex ping and integration

Hi, i'm having a couple issues with my plex configurations on homarr: ping isn't working due to return status 401 and neither the widget is. I'm running Homarr 0.15.3 on Portainer and I've followed Plex's documentation in order to retrieve the correct token....
use http instead of https
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Radarr & Sonarr Ping

Hi, I am having trouble integrating my radarr & sonarr instances (i have two of each). the ping remains red & i get the error: Unexpected response: connect EHOSTUNREACH My overseerr (which is port forwarded) works when i use the cloudflare tunnel URL...
Yes. Homarr should be on the same network as the apps it's trying to communicate to

Container widgets not connnecting to containers

Only way i could get it working was internal container ip - but dont know how too set static ip. hostip:port for some reason will not connect...

Github Registry for Homarr

Trying to update Homarr, but when I pull the image I'm getting a 500 error. So I wanted to add the registry Homarr is using since they changed their image to ghcr.io I tried pulling the image first, but it wont let me because I dont have the right registry for Homarr... hence the ask. Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04...
ok so the answer to my woes was to go to Portainer > Registries > Create a new Registry: ``` Name: Homarr Registry URL: ghcr.io Username: ajnart...

accessible address but red dot

Good evening, so far I've configured all my services so that homarr redirects me to each one and it works but I still have a red dot on all of them except jellyfin, which seems to be the only widget that works. It seems to be an ip thing. Homarr is installed under docker on my nas....
That means that although your PC can contact the app, the app can't between each other. You need a bridge or host networking
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help with homarr in windows 11

I know this is not the official way to use/install homarr on windows, docker being the way to go, however all the other things i use (sonnarr, riddarr etc) ive installed without docker. I'm trying to use npm with yarn to build homarr using the instructions found here Run Homarr Application Dashboard on Windows (i12bretro.github.io) but am having difficulties getting it to work. Following the instructions it all goes smoothly until the command to # build homarr - yarn build. it leads to the following error being displayed ...

Torrent widget

torrents does not display, using qbittorrent
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How to configure rights on Dashboard ?

I'd like a dashboard to be accessible only to certain authenticated people and not to others who are also authenticated. I haven't found where to configure this? Is this possible?...

Dashdot Widget Issues on iPhone

Hello 👋 Three days ago, I installed Homarr on my nas, and it's really great! Everything works pretty well but I'm having a problem with the dashdot widget. I plan to mainly use homarr to control my Nas Qnap from my iPhone, and the problem is that the Dashdot widget with the graphic animations that show real-time CPU usage doesn't work on it. However, the dashdot widget works perfectly with my computer. I also tried with an Android phone and it works perfectly too! I also tried to do the same op...
I answered on your GH issue https://github.com/ajnart/homarr/issues/2056 Basically iOS doing iOS things...
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