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Can't install Homarr on Docker

I use Portainer for docker and copy pasted the docker compose and changed the host volume locations and got the error in the text file. This is what im using for docker compose version: '3'...

Users and dashboards

Hi everyone, Is there any way to assign a non-default dashboard to a regular user in order to access only to this dashboard? Can you help me with this, please?...

IP cams Pop up design?

A while ago I asked if it might be possible to change the size of the IP Cam widget and we thought not but what about if it shows a thumbnail as a single tile rather than the 2x3 tile. And it could have a pop up to show full size. Maybe on hover & or click?
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Wigets Plex & Usenet on Unraid

Heya just wondered if anyone can help me get plex & some other integrations working. I host on unraid. Plex uses SSL.

Docker integration

Hello all, I am super new to Homarr and i think I'm having an issue with docker integration. I don't see it on the main page next to the edit button. I am unable to add it in the settings either. Here is my docker-compose stack that i use via Portainer. ...
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Hi, that button doesn't exist anymore as it was moved where you pointed at already. It was like that in the last version, could it be that we forgot to change it in the docs?...
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homarr error after update

I updated my homarr container and now when i go to the page i get "An unexpected error has occurred This page has crashed unexpectedly. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again or contact an administrator ...
You shouldn't need to build anything in the db. Stop homarr, delete db.sqlite, then restart homarr. That should reinitialize the database....

public dashboard no password

Is this possible or do you need to set up authentication for all users to access the dashboard? I just wanted a generic dashboard that people don’t need to enter a password to access for example.

Sabnzbd widget that lives on my Seedbox

Hello! Is it possible for Homarr to pull download info from Sabnzbd that lives on my Seedbox? I had SABnzbd app on my seedbox. When I add the integration in Homarr / an app with its API key and then add the widget I get an error "an error has accord with app id: <app id> cannot be found" I am just wondering if I am trying to do something homarr can't do....
EPexplosive parrot11/22/2023

qBittorrent stopped working

qBittorrent integration stopped working as of the qbit 4.6.1 update
This may be related to the removal of the default webui credentials from qbittorrent as of the 4.6.1 update. Your log file will show you the temporary password so you can log in and change it.

Intergrations Not Working

Hello, I just installed Homarr and I added all my dockerr apps but when I open the widgets they aren't working

How do I reset my username/password?

I understand have to delete a sql lite db but I don't know where that is located
Hello, the db.sqlite is located in the data folder. By default this is located at ./homarr/data, but you may have mounted it somewhere else. Don't forget to stop the container before deleting....

How to hide the search bar in v0.14.1

Is there a way to hide the search bar in v0.14.1? In version 0.13.4 there was an option to turn off the search bar. While not a big deal in the desktop version, the search bar takes up space in the mobile view....
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Not perfect but you can add ```CSS .mantine-Header-root { height: auto; }...
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SSlay ♡11/21/2023

icon/background not working

i have my icon under C:\homarr\imgs\logo and my background under C:\homarr\imgs\backgrounds ...

User avatars

What about to add avatars to user profile? For me this 2 letters is little annoying
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SSlay ♡11/21/2023

widgets and integration

when i make a integration i dont know how to link it to the widget
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Try using your machine's ip instead of localhost
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Unable to connect

Hi, I am very new to this so apologies if there is a simple solution and i am doing something wrong. I have added Homarr through Portainer using the docker compose installation but when I try to connect to the server using my server ip and port 7575 it does not load. Also in container list under the ip address and published ports nothing is listed where on my other containers do....
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Clock widget syncs with only local time.

I have three clock widgets, set for different time zones around the world but they say my local time and even says Paris EST

PWA Icons

How do I change the PWA icon?

Failures building from source

I'm following the "Building from source" instructions here: https://homarr.dev/docs/introduction/installation After cloning and changing to the new directory, I run yarn install, after ~1 minute it exits with failures (way more than would be helpful to post here). Trying to install with npm install instead also fails with errors: ```...

Can't delete default item

So i'm trying to delete this default text item but the button it's bugged and i can't
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