Package jam judge signup thread

Package jam judge signup thread (free league points inside)
If you sign up as a package jam judge (anyone who did not submit an entry is eligible), you will get at least one, juicy, sumptuous :vote:
(League points are redeemable for cookies at a rate of ~400:1 cookie, must go to Ohio to redeem, subject to pointflation)
UUUnknown User9/21/2022
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no code!
UUUnknown User9/21/2022
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I'm not sure if we've scraped the package list for the package jam flag yet. @jdw will have more info on that
UUUnknown User9/21/2022
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Some Specifics On Judging
Judges will need to have access to a v10 instance, and will need to install all of the packages submitted to the jam, along with any dependencies/systems they require. You will then evaluate each package:

- Can the package be enabled / does it work?
- Do the primary features of the package function?
- Which categires does the package qualify for?

Then we will fill out the nominations for each category. Each category has a limited number of slots, so this is the part where you are subjectively judging - which modules in category X are good enough/X enough to be part of that final selection.

After all that, those categories and nominations will be made public. At that point you and anyone else with a Foundry Hub account will be able to vote on them for the final winners.

The main expectations for judges that sets you apart from the average users: You will actually attempt to install and test all the packages that were submitted, and fairly evaluate them even if they aren't a module you would/could use in your own games. Your job will be to judge packages on their merits, and to render this judgment on all of them.
@kakaroto or @jdw could one of you try to query up the jam flag so we have a count of submissions?
quick DB query says there's 23 packages
UUUnknown User9/27/2022
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We just set up the judges with the form, so I think we can squeeze you in
After this, no more!

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