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Hi, I have multiple website that I develop for multiple ngo's and charities. So far I've used Heroku's free tier for these. I would like to move them to railway, and I think that each charity should have it's own account, and it's own "free" benefits - but I'm the developer for all of them - how do I go about doing that? In heroku, they each had an account and I was a contributor to them. 1. Is that ok for the railway or will I get banned? 2. How can I upload source code to a project that belongs to someone else - is there a contributor setting? Or should I just set them up as separate GitHub users, trigger railway based on their GitHub account and be a contributor to that? And just making sure railway is ok with this kind of usage? Let me know
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Adam2y ago
If you want to manage multiple projects for different charities, the teams plan is the way to go. That won’t be free. If you’re looking for a free option, have each charity make their own account and add you as a contributor to projects that they create. You won’t be able to create projects on their behalf, but that’s the price you have to pay if you’d like to keep it free it’s also worth mentioning that on the free plan you’ll be restricted to 500 hours / month / account which comes out to about 21 days of running 24/7. The developer tier removes this limitation but keeps the 5$ free credit per month. Still essentially free Another note, an individual is not allowed to have multiple accounts on Railway. The charities will have to set up their own accounts and create their own projects before you can contribute
noam.honig2y ago
OK - thanks